Thursday, August 7, 2008

Follow the bounding Bebo

Bebo, as photographed by his BFF, Andif.
Would that face steer you wrong?


Nancy P said...

Sorry I missed saying hi to a few folks yesterday (Thursday). Been rushin'.

Who's going to watch the Olympics?

Family Man said...

Good morning Nancy.

Tell me about rushin'! I've been doing that myself. I've finally gotten the house cleaned up to where even FMom says enough. Of course there's still other stuff I could do, but I think I'm going into lazy mode now.

There will probably be a few things I watch on the Olympics, but I won't stayed glued to the TV. Now if they included Tiddlywinks in the Olympics, that would be a different story. :)

I hope everyone is doing well, and Nancy quit that rushin'. Sit back and relax.

AndiF said...

Well I don't about steering but that face definitely could decide she's really, really bored and you ought to get up and play with her right now.

I'm going to watch the Olympics but their being in China has dampened my enthusiasm.

Morning all.

FARfetched said...

I'll probably catch a few minutes of the Olympics on my way through the living room. Mrs. Fetched will likely have it on, but I'm not going to go much out of the way to watch.

Lisa Miller said...

Family Man I'll pay for you to fly to Dallas. My DNA lacks the desire or talent when it comes to house cleaning so I can provide you with plenty of cleaning opportunities.

I am a sucker for pomp and circumstance. The Olympics is something I've always enjoyed.
It is the individual stories, triumphs, and loses that I appreciate most.
We aren't a sport family, but watching swimming, diving, track, volleyball, and gymnastics are great. I also enjoy the shooting, kayak, and yes even ping pong.
I guess because I am so nonathletic, I can admire those that work hard at it.
The games are so different now with professionals participating compared when I was a kid and it was all amateur. Not a good change in my opinion.
But I now have DVR which will allow me to keep my writing time and watch when I can.

Fab Friday to All

Kelly McCullough said...

Hi all,

Barring misfortune I'll be off the net for 8 days starting tomorrow. Have a lovely time without me.

Fam! Great to see your face around here again.

Nancy, Farf, thanks for the good wishes for the trip.

Lisa, Andi, (waves).

Must go finish packing now.

AndiF said...

For some unexplainable reason, I feel an overwhelming compulsion to play crazy eights today ...

::waves back to Kelly:: Have a great time on vacation.

Janet said...

There's a really interesting history channel story on how Hitler used the Olympics to rile up the masses and most of the things the Nazi's incorporated into the games we stull use today. We've been talking alot at work about how the games were used to "distract" the sheeple.

I no longer even like the anthems being played at regular games.

We read Dave Meggassey's (sp) book about his time in the NFL and how it was so structured to instill a sense of violence and dominance in people. War on a field. He says that football is unlike other games and it's why it's so important in America. The games are never suspended... even when JFK was assassinated the games still continued.

With THAT... and having the games in China.... I just can't stomach it anymore. It's so twisted in my eyes now that I doubt I could ever go back to that innocence.

I doubt I'll even bother to watch the winter Olympics and hockey.

Besides the politics involved... the major countries atheletes have become MORE professional. It used to be just Russia who'd have dream teams. LOL

Gotta run kids out on errands. Waves from Momtaxi.

Dina said...

Hi, all. Interesting, Janet. I wish I had caught that program. I haven't really been able to watch the Olympics since 1972. Just don't really care anymore.

Maria Lima said...

Olympics, there's Olympics? (/cluelessness)

I'm going to be spending a fun-filled weekend with, oh joy, revisions and copy edits.

Not only did I get my edits back from Juno for Blood Bargain (very late) but I *just* got the edits for the Supernatural anthology essay.


::buries head in computer::

Happy weekend, all!

Janet said...

Dina, there's several book on it. My husband knows a TON more about it all. Should hear him go on about the Torch Run. That was all started by the Nazis.

Speaking of Olympics...

My son will be joining the Special Olympians this fall. :) I will also be volunteering.

He has been hesitant to do so for so long. But after watching a movie that we at first thought was going to be horrible TILL we saw that SO had not only endorsed it but produced it - The Ringer (yeah it has that "Jackarse" Knoxiville starring... but EVERY person depicted as disabled IS a disabled actor. Pretty damn cool. And the entire family says it's a great movie. A bit hard for us, 'natch, in some parts... but has a great message.

Anyways... Wesley was "astounded" about the part of the games is they also have... wait for it..


So now the dude is all "ok" with it.

He's an incredible runner. I have a Pre living amongst us. The High School track coaches all want him but he just doesn't grasp the idea of "when you're ahead you don't stop and holler, "LOOK AT ME!" :) Well, at least not in HS.

Nancy, the book has sucked me in. :) I stayed up till 1 am last night reading. That's AMAZING for a working mom at the end of her work week. :)

boran2 said...

Another great shot, Andi. Is Bebo in that photo? I'm looking at this on a very small screen.

Are the Olympics coming? I hadn't heard anything about it. ;-)

Have a great vacation, Kelly.

I'll be off on mine in a week.

Nancy P said...

Family Man, good to C U! I'm now sitting back and relaxing, just as you wisely advised.

Andi, did you watch any of the opening ceremonies? I watched til I got too bored, but it was such an interesting experience overall, cause on the one hand. . .I've put only two bumper stickers on my cars in my lifetime. One was for Howard Dean (sob), and the other said, FREE TIBET. On that same hand, when I go to a "church," it's the local Tibetan Buddhist temple, though I am not "a Buddhist."

That's the one hand. That hand is full of Tibet.

On the other hand, I have never seen a more technically brilliant or aesthetically beautiful ceremony. Wow. It was an old-fashioned nationalistic, propagandistic display, but executed in the most modern ways. That LED board!!! Holy moly.

So I watched, and held Tibet in one hand and China in the other--and boggled at the ways of the world.

Nancy P said...

Janet, let us know when Wesley competes in the SO, okay? We'll all cheer for him. :)

Hey, Lisa, Maria, Far, Dina, and Boran2!! Some people (I'm looking at you Lisa and Maria and Far and probably Dina) working like beavers, and others, (I'm looking at the back of Kelly) off on vacation. So much to-ing and fro-ing around here these days!

Dina said...

I wish I were on vacation but no, working away. However, in two weeks I will be on a mini vacation, visiting Maria and seeing Great Big Sea - Yeah!!