Saturday, August 16, 2008

Birthday roll call

Memo to everybody: If you don't mind divulging your birthday date, I'll put it on my calendar so we can light a candle for you on your day. You might even get a Red Velvet Virtual Cupcake With Cream Cheese Icing. Hey! Cool!


Nancy P said...

Sept. 19.

Of course, you could also pick any ol' day and make it your own. We're all about the fiction around here. ;p

maryalice@mysterylovers said...

Hey Nancy.....this I can embrace.
I was born 7/11/44 and that makes me one year away from Medicare. As a twice breast cancer survivor......I celebrate and look forward to some manageable healthcare in my future. Hell......I just celebrate my future!

Love and Joy, Mary Alice

Nicola Slade said...

Christmas Eve. That makes me a Capricorn, the sign for megalomaniacs and heavyweight boxers!

AndiF said...

I don't like sweet stuff but I'm sure you can find me a ciabatta with a lovely crust and some and some nicely spiced olive oil. :)

September 28.

And if Olivia, Jen, Janet, and MaryB don't tell theirs, I'll be back to blab their dates later.

Morning all.

paul lamb said...

I don't have a birthday. When I was born, my family was too poor to afford one.

Maria Lima said...

::yawn:: Morning, all!

Mary Alice, congrats! My stepdad is a 2-time cancer survivor (prostate and colon) and we are so grateful for every day.

My birthday: 9/4/1958 - turning the golden 50 this year and celebrating in style!

Lisa Miller said...

May 29
A Gemini
Same birthday as JFK and Bob Hope

Kelly McCullough said...

August 12. Home now. Had fun, plus adventures. More later once I've dug out from under the pile a bit more.

Oh, and, halloo everyone!

Dina said...

June 2 - another Gemini

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Kelly! We missed you. And hippo birdie a few days late!

March 7 - Pisces, the whimsical dreamer. I'm hitting 50 next year, although I refuse to do the big blast party thing. I'll just be another day older, as usual.

My whole family is in September (not sure what happened to me) - so Nancy, Maria, and andi, you're in great company.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Ready for that cupcake...

katiebird said...

(Waving Madly)

April 25th for me. And I LOVE Birthdays!

Maryb said...

hmmmm, a threat of outing from AndiF and the lure of cupcakes from Nancy. ;)

March 15 - beware the Ides of March.

Happy belated b'day Kelly and welcome back.

Kelly McCullough said...

Hey all, still digging though I did find to post one photo from my trip over at Wyrdsmiths. Thanks for the b-day wishes Beth and Maryb, it was a good 'un.

AndiF said...

Well I see that Mary did her bit. As for the rest of them:

Olivia - April 20
Jen - June 30
Janet - November 17

Janet said...

I'm still trying to get that Lionel Ritchie song out of my head that Nancy put in there from yesterday's post! ACK!

Yup, Andi, November 17th 1968 babyaroonie.

Just celebrated Mr Damnit's 50th yesterday. He looks great and is very athletic... so why am I all of a sudden feeling olllllllld? LOL

And I just finished Virgin. WOW! I really loved how "REX" was used almost as the narrator to put closure as well as an itty bitty twist of grass blowing in the wind there. I thought for sure I knew whodunnit. But was el wrongo againo. Which is why I keep reading The Mistress of Mystery.

Nancy P said...

Thanks, guys. We'll party hearty.

Welcome back, Kelly! We'll light candles for you some time this week since we *just* missed your day.

Janet. . .::shuffle my feet, duck head, grin proudly::. . .so glad you liked it.

FARfetched said...

AWOL all day due to (in order): church, maul, and The Boy's concert that didn't get started until 10p.m. He is sooooo happy to be in a band that actually plays gigs. Next step, get paid. :-P

Oh. November 26, which gives people an occasion to stick candles in the turkey.