Friday, August 29, 2008

Three more days. . .

to my deadline. So far, so good.

Sunset by Andif. Yes, she created it with her own little hands.


FARfetched said...

slips in, leaves a tray of cinnamon rolls on the counter, slips out

Nancy P said...

slips back in, snitches cinnamon roll, slips out

Paul Lamb said...

What kind of evil overlords would make your deadline come so close to a three-day, holiday weekend? Well, I hope you're making satisfactory progress and that your editors are pleased with the outcome so much that they pay you a bonus.

AndiF said...

Go, Nancy, go*

strides in, looks around for some good bread and jam, flounces out

* to the tune of this [LINK] of course

Lisa Miller said...

Mmmmumbles around a big bite of cinnamon roll, leaning over coffee. Morning all.

A band of racoons and deer peek around trees, straining to discover the source of the tapping. Amidst the early morning light author strums the keyboard-- mystery maestro. Music drifts on the wind. Rockabilly? Bebop?
Go Nancy Go!!!

katiebird said...

Slips in, takes the tray and heads for Andi's woods with a copy of Death by Cashmere.

Kimberly Frost said...

Go, Nancy, go!

Wishing you awesome productivity on this holiday weekend! :)

(and Happy Labor Day weekend to everyone else, of course!)

Anonymous said...

looks around, wonders where the smell of cinnamon is coming from, sees crumbs on the table and sighs

Too late again.

Happy long weekend, everyone - hope it's productive, relaxing, or filled with watching college football! We're heading for the boat, although it's cloudy and windy - hopefully that changes...

thinks about stopping at the bakery on the way to the dock

maryb said...

wanders in yawning, gazes vaguely about the room wondering why she thought there would be cinnamon rolls this morning, shrugs, heads for the coffee where she notices cinnamon roll crumbs on the counter. Takes a deep breath. "Katiebird! Bring them back!"

I'm with paul lamb on the evil overlord bit.

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!

katiebird said...

(Leaning up against a tree with a tray of cinnamon rolls on my lap)

Hey, Beth & MaryB -- this Forest of Andi's is even MORE beautiful in real life!

Bring a book and come on over -- this tray of cinnamon rolls refills itself. There's still plenty for everyone!

Kelly McCullough said...

reaches for cinnamon roll by leaning in through window as he passes on long bicycle ride

Oh noes! KB got them first. crashes into roses, sighs, adds stop at farmers market for scones to errand list, gets back on bike

Hallloooo! shouted as he pedals off for errands with Dr.McC and to all a good morning.

Maria Lima said...

::waves at Nancy and the gang from beautiful downtown Vancouver::

Arrived in one piece, after a momentary OMG moment this a.m. - when the alarm didn't go off and I woke up at 4 instead of 3:15. Eep. You've never *seen* anyone get ready so fast.

Thank goodness I live 15 minutes from the airport!

Flight was uneventful, just arrived at hotel and am waiting for the rest of the clan who are due to touch down in about 20 minutes.

Ciao and have a lovely weekend all! (Nancy, I'm sending you *loads* of writing vibes).

snatches cinnamon roll and skedaddles

Cheryl said...

Started reading "The Virgin of Small Plains" last night. Can't stop.

Mitch has arrived in town and I just got to the point where Rex pulls out the red hair scrunchie. The plot thickens.

It's a great story and it's fun to read a novel set in the Flint Hills.

Lisa Miller said...

Got back to the editing today. Felt soooo good after being too exhausted with work. Amazing how clear some changes are when you get back in the story after some time away and a clear plan of where you want the story to go.
Maybe it was the magical power of cinnamon.

Maria glad you made it to Vancouver.

Waves to Beth, Katiebird, Kimber, Kelly, MaryB and Cheryl.
Going back to read--Ahhhh.

Nancy P said...

Sneaks in before bedtime to say this was funny today.

Nancy P said...

Paul, lol, I actually thought they were doing me a favor! It gave me what felt like an extra day to write since nobody will be in the office on Monday. Miss Pollyanna here.

Maria, eek!! Glad you made it. Are the flowers gorgeous right now?

Cheryl, thank you!

Lisa, do you know that cinammon is said to have a calming effect?