Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day

Giddy and Bebo rest up, by Andif


Nancy P said...

I'm watching Gustav coverage. Anybody here have family/friends on the move because of that?

Does Jason from WRW still live in NOLA?

Janet said...

Nope. Most that I know go down to NOLA to help with the continued efforts from the LAST typhoon.

GAWRSH!!! Thanks for the photo caption. Red Collar and all. At first it looked like Andi's dog got eaten up by a wolf. But then again I was at Jen's site and came to a rather silly conclusion at first glimpse over her Orange Cat/Orane Pie photos :)

My dear, close friend goes down twice a year with something similar to Habitat and due to the "attrocities" there she's seen herself... she's become quite the "activist".

I was mistaken about my nachoes being organic... the cheese isn't. BUT! It's Tillamook and that's only 30 miles away. ;)

Why am I still online? My husband bike commutes and he's STILL not home. I could do an entire blog on drivers and bike commuters. You wouldn't believe half the crap he goes through. Some of it is intensely scary. (waiting & breathing)

OMG! School starts Tuesday and Wesley is turning 16 Wednesday. Talk about feeling geezerly. ACK!

Anonymous said...

JAS lives in Louisville now, Nancy, but is currently visiting friends in Sydney - but anxiously watching Gustav coverage, since NOLA remains near and dear to his heart. He has a reputation for bringing bad weather with him - or at least attracting it - but this time we can't blame him.

Congrats on the day reprieve...and fingers crossed that Gustav loses his punch before he does major damage to the poor Gulf Coast again. I missed Katrina since I was in the middle of the ocean with no internet - guess I won't miss this one...

FARfetched said...

I have a feeling that Gustav is going to clobber the energy infrastructure a bit harder than NOLA itself this time. I could be wrong though; the track has the eye passing west of NOLA, which will bring the strongest storm surge right up the river. I know a lot of people who were relocated after Katrina never went back, so at least *that* many people are out of harm's way.

I've been keeping an eye (ahem) on Gustav discussions online myself… I didn't realize that Katrina went east of NOLA, which meant the weaker storm surge breached the levees. I wouldn't be staying there. I guess praying is the only thing we can do until the storm clears out.

Janet, check out — the blogger there is a bicycle commuter in NZ and has some interesting stories. I did a couple summers of pedaling to work, one in Minneapolis and one in Grand Rapids MI, so I have a fair idea of what he goes through. Hope he arrives home safely… or better yet, has already done so.

Nancy P said...

Janet, I just cannot believe Wesley will be l6. (The sound you hear is me wheezing a geezer "geez!")

Nancy P said...

Beth, whew about Jason.

Far, I'd totally forgotten about the fact that Katrina actually hit them with her weak side. Wow.

I saw a weather map yesterday that showed Gustav, and Hanna, and then five (I think) tropical depressions all in a row across the Atlantic from Africa. Any or all of them could become tropical storms, and then. . .? It was spooky looking.

Nancy P said...

I just read that Cuba got hit with 212 mph gusts. My gosh. I can't even imagine. It was a national wind record. Gulp.

Okay, I guess staying up and watching tv is not going to make Gustav turn around and go home to Africa, so I may as well go to bed for my own little storm of last-minute writing tomorrow.

AndiF said...

I'm worrying about my friend Georgia. She's left but going this again is really hard on her after all the destruction of Katrina, including her own house.

On to the day of Not Laboring (except for poor Nancy) with some more nots in the Monday Picture Post.

Not a cucumber bouquet. [LINK]

Not fool's gold. [LINK]

Oh and not leaving out Sniff. [LINK]

Good morning all.

Lisa Miller said...

Perfect picture for Labor Day.

I'm hoping my cousins in Metarie aren't hit too hard. She got stuck after Katrina in one of the N.O. hospitals(head respiratory therapist)with the looting going on around them. Very grim.

Andi--LOVE the Not Fool's Gold.
The Not Cucumber Bouquet is fascinating. Green is one of my favorite colors.
Envy the dogs' life.
I did see the Chinese original movie Eat Drink... It was good too.
I'm retooling the eating so food of course is forefront on my mind.

A relaxing day for all. And hopes that Gustav won't be the terror we fear.

Nancy P said...

Andif! Wow. Those close-ups are gorgeous. Thank you!

Fingers crossed for your friends, Andi and Lisa. It must be mentally exhausting on top of everything else.

katiebird said...

I don't turn on the TV until I've been awake for a while so I haven't seen anything since midnight or so.

When is the storm supposed to reach land?

Dina said...

Happy no labor day to all - the dogs lead the way (except for the cats who are already inside waiting to be fed!)

Gustav was just marked down to Category 2 which I hope is good news for my friends in the New Orleans area.

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts sent to the people of the gulf coast region. May the storm lose its power.

Janet, I want your cheetos recipe, too! Would you post it here, please? Hope your hubby arrived safely.

Andif, my father grew cukes and they didn't look anything like your pic. What is in that pic? It's lovely whatever it is. I love the fool's gold one! Cute one of the pups. How old is Bebo?

Let us know when we can celebrate the completion of your new tome, Nancy!

Happy day off, everyone. Thanks be for unions that provided these breaks for us in years past.

Maria Lima said...

Hi, all - brief drive by wave from gorgeous, sunny(!) Vancouver. I'm extremely tired and beat - did a ton(ne) of walking yesterday. (shopping, too!)

Today, we're renting a car and heading towards the opposite side of town to the Museum of Anthropology. Tomorrow - Victoria.

My feet hurt. ::g::

Watching a bit of Gustav coverage over brekkie. Very sad that NOLA is getting hit again. :(

Hope everyone has a lovely Labour Day.

Janet said...

Farfetched! Thanks for the link! He got home okay, it had been raining and HAILING here (yes hailing in Portland in August) so all the road crud went to the side of the streets so he took it slower. He does have a cell phone with him but it was raining too hard and he didn't want to stop and therefore be more of a target. Last month he was run off the road THREE times by a mini van with a mom on the phone while she was passing out happy meal types stuff to the kids in the back seat. ACK

Sorry Anon, the puffs aren't a recipe. They are from Barabara's Bakery. Link: I love the Asiago and Jalapeno Cheese ones. You can click on to see the ingredients and calorie stuff.

Labor day... which means I get time and a half for my blue collar job. Which means... people who get the day off will be in my place running errands. LOL

Yup 16. And I helped Danni pick out some lovely eye "SHIMMER" make up at the Body Shop. THAT made her Dad feel older than dirt.

AndiF said...

anon, it's just something growing out in the woods -- those "non-cucumbers" contain seeds. And Bebo is about 7 months old.

Afternoon to all you cheese puffs loving, non-laboring, (except for Nancy of course) good folks.

Happy Almost Birthday to Wesley!

Maryb said...

wow. I can't believe Wesley is going to be 16.

And I've been to Tillamook. I had an ice cream cone there the one time I visited the Oregon coast. It was yummy.

Nancy P said...


katiebird said...

(Setting off a handful of balloons in celebration)

I think we should save the champaign for when she wakes up though.

Or maybe not. . . .

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!!!!! Can you see me doing the happy dance?

No champagne, but I'm swigging a shot of tequila in your honor, Nancy - YAY YOU!!!!!!

Good job - you did it!!!

Balloons won't wake her up, kb - I say go for it!

AndiF said...

Yay Nancy!

I don't have a photo of some fireworks to post but this is pretty close and certainly worthy of an explosively spectacular celebration. [LINK]

And yay some more.

Maria Lima said...

YAY!! Nancy - a huge celebration in your honor here in Vancouver!

Maryb said...



The next stop should be a spa.

Lisa Miller said...

Lookout it's a stampede as deer, racoons, and a couple of foxes charge toward the celebration bonfire. Move over Bebo, make room for Sniff. Giddy squeeze in next to me. Duck guys here comes Beth on another pass of the Happy Dance.
Wow some bonfire, so high the clouds reflect the golden flames. And Nancy's favorite colors floating by--fabulous balloons Katiebird. Look northwest towards the horizon. Who is that jumping up and down. Everybody wave it's Maria--even on vacation she sends her support and congrats. Andi snap those pictures. MaryB book that spa.
Author Ecstasy.
The chanting starts low and builds--Nancy...Nancy...Nancy.
Congrats fine lady.

Janet said...

(((Andi & Maryb)))) :)


FARfetched said...

Yes, Nancy is finished!

Andi, that cloud pic is gorgeous, but this occasion truly deserves Fireworks!

And more fireworks!

And a third!

Whew, I'm exhausted. Gotta get up and face a four-day week starting tomorrow. Then… VACATION!