Thursday, August 21, 2008

Today, pink.

This has been the weirdest book to write, unlike any I've ever done before. For the last couple of weeks, I swear it has felt more like painting than writing, because it has felt as if I've loaded up my paintbrush with a "wash" of one emotion or another and then laid that color down over the whole manuscript, and then I've done the same thing the next day with another emotion. Today, I laid down a wash of fear. Yesterday, it was sadness. One day it was sexiness, which is not an emotion, I guess, but you know what I mean. Another day it was happiness. And slowly it is becoming a completed picture, like one of Boran2's paintings as he puts down his outline, then layers in the rest of it.

This may not sound strange to some of you, but it's not the usual thing for me. I attribute it to the fact that this is probably the most emotionally complicated novel I've ever attempted. The characters have complex responses to events because of the freighted nature of what happens to them.

I've relaxed into doing it this way, so it feels good. I think this process is a big factor, though, in why I don't have anything left to give to the blog these days. By the end of a day I've given the book everything I've got.

Today (Friday), I'll be working on a scene I've had problems getting right. I hope that this time I can pick the right colors. ;)


Nancy P said...

G'night, sweet readers and writers.

FARfetched said...

Night yourself. ;-)

And hello to all the morning folks who come wandering in. I'll be slingin' documentation much of the day.

boran2 said...

Good morning to all from my travels in redest Utah. Nancy, I can always lend you some colors. ;-)

AndiF said...

Got green? [LINK]

I think sexiness is as much emotional as it is sensual but it's a kaleidoscope of emotions -- you never know exactly what you're going to feel or if it's going to blend with or crash up against another emotion. Most of all, it's so very, very easy to shake everything up.

And yay Friday.

Lisa Miller said...

Nancy, I love the idea of layering emotion using a wash of color. The color effects all elements of the story though, not just the characters.Wasn't that the idea in South Pacific when they used the color filters is some of the scenes? Another great way to go about focusing on a single element that may help me reach the level of emotion I want but am having trouble with.
It certainly has a more positive feeling. Realizing that a pass with another color or maybe even another hue is all that may be needed.
I'm wondering if looking at pictures with dominant colors like Andif's BEAUTIFUL GREEN to stimulate brainstorming about a scene would be helpful. The pastels bringing different images and thoughts to mind than would the vivid.

HMM does Andif have pictures arranged by color?

Nancy have fun with word painting.
FABulous Friday to all.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all!

Nancy, as long as the prose ain't purple, we're all good.::g:: I am so looking forward to reading this, btw!

I'm off to the wilds of Bethesda today for an all-day meeting, but then right after, I'm meeting up with Dina and my buddy Carla for dinner and the Great Big Sea concert. WHEE!!!!

Nancy P said...

boran2, whatchu doin' here?! I hope you're having fun, and yes, plz, I'll take any spare colors you have lying around.

farf, don't hit anybody with that slung docu, 'k?

Okay, Andi, that is now one of my favs. Wow. Green, I guess.

Nancy P said...

Lisa, I love the way you're always thinking of ways to bring writing to life with your students, or your writing friend, etc.

Also, thanks for mentioning those movie color filters. Hmm. Very interesting analogy. It also makes me think that novelists have it harder than screenwriters. "They" can let music choices or lighting (color) do some of the work of transitions, mood, etc., for them. We have to find and use actual words, poor us.

Nancy P said...

Maria, purple prose, lol.

You're making me go in search of samples of that band's music. I confess I've never heard of them before. You and Dina gonna stand in the mosh pit? :)

Kelly McCullough said...

(wakes up in corner, wonders about why he's damp, finishes scone, continues on tea pot, glances at calendar...)

Friday? Really? I could have sworn it was Thursday. Oh well.

Good morning, all. Colors, very nice. Off to write chapter five of the wip now. Back later.

Nancy P said...

Kelly, if you locate those missing days from this week, let me know. I want some, too.

I'm at the library in one of the little study rooms. Love these cubicles! I'm lookking forward to going to a friend's house for dinner and to a nice cold gin and tonic.

I hope you guys have a nice Friday night!

Conda V. Douglas said...

Oooh, layered emotions, yummy. Something I struggle with doing in my own w.i.p. But I never thought of doing one layer at a time...interesting.

And I'm looking forward to reading the end result, Nancy.

Nancy P said...

Hi, Conda, and thanks. :)