Saturday, August 23, 2008

Let there be light

Photo by Andif


Nancy P said...


Geez, I'm putting up the next day's post earlier and earlier. By the time winter's here, it'll be posted at suppertime.

T'sup for Sunday? For me, it's writing and then a 50th anniversary party for relatives.

boran2 said...

Hi Nancy and all! Posting remotely from Utah. It is beautiful here even if it is the reddest place on the planet. We head to Sedona tomorrow. I hope that everyone is well.

AndiF said...

Hey B2, happy trails.

It's not that big a trick to command light, it's so reliable it arrives on schedule. How about something trickier like Let people be any height they want.

Morning all.

LIsa Miller said...

Nancy, I'm an early to bed so you're right on target for me.
Thanks for leaving the light in the forest on for us.

Andif--I'm early up but still in your dust. Good morning. And commanding light with just a flick of your clock. That's power.

B2--never been to Utah but hear it's beautiful. That rusty red is one of my favorites for landscapes.
I enjoy the nuances of color within the landscape. Like the subtle variety of green in the forest.

Sunday is my major day to write during the school year. But today I still have to finish my lesson and get ready for tomorrow first. I'm suffering a crisis in editing as I haven't done any in a week. GOT to break that cycle TODAY. Find a different rhythm from the summer.
Sits sulking with coffee.
Okay I'm moving again. Can't mope too long. Too much to do.

Oh I'm still trying to learn more about my fellow bloggers. I'm thinking a guilty pleasure might be interesting.
For me--Soft serve ice cream cones from Dairy Queen.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all. I hope to spend today relaxing and packing for my trip to Vancouver. (I leave next Saturday, but like most Virgos, I am an anal pre-planner).

The headache has abated (mostly) - thanks to all for your good wishes!

In answer to Lisa's "get-to-know" you question:

I adore light-hearted rom-coms - silly, happily-ever-after movies that require little thinking and are the cinematic equivalent of candy floss or one of the old category romances. One of my favorite Sunday afternoon pastimes is to relax in my recliner and watch something like "Enchanted" or "The Holiday".

Boran - enjoy Sedona. I hear it's quite lovely there.

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday.

FARfetched said...

Yo. It's been cloudy & windy since Wednesday, but still no rain. Any day now, the weather site says. But until then, much light comes from flicking a switch.

Commanding light might not be a big deal… but getting up early enough to get pix of the right kind of light, that's a trick!

We're going to buzz over to the college this afternoon to take DD a few items she forgot to pack (hair dryer, etc.).

FARfetched said...

O hai Maria!

I'm up, awake, but the brain is still booting and taking its sweet time at it. I hope God is downloading an upgrade. Y'all have whatever kind of Sunday you want to…

Lisa Miller said...

Alright, light came on and just finished about 45 minutes of making notes on what I need to have happen from this point to the end of my story. Knew I didn't quite have it jelled. Had these pieces but couldn't focus on how to fit them in. Now can go back to the editing. Relief.

Maria- love those movies too. Doris Day-Rock Hudson, Cary Grant--Operation Petticoat, Father Goose. I'm a big oldies fan.
Glad you feel better.
Kicks at ground envying trip to Vancouver.
Plan all you want. There has to be a balance between me throwing it all in a bag at the last minute and you planners.
Farf--such a good dad.

AndiF said...

I thought I'd lighten up things with a visit from Brown County's Perpetual Motion Machine. [LINK]

Hi Lisa, Maria, and Farf.

maryb said...

groan ... too much light. Too little sleep.

Andi - is that Bebo? Puppies ... And yes, how about that height trick. I'd be 5'5" (as you know).

I've had the most eclectic musical week. I went to see Mama Mia - and couldn't get Dancing Queen out of my head for days. Then I went to live theater to see Musical of Musicals (a spoof on Broadway plays) which finally got rid of Dancing Queen. Then I went to the opera and saw Carmen. And last night I went to the Bruce Springsteen concert.

Today - I'm doing laundry and reading. Finishing "Loving Frank" by Nancy Horan. Which I am not loving but I only have 100 pages left.

Maria and Lisa - love those old movies too. I used to do "Doris" night with some friends. We'd rent a Doris Day movie and make a Doris Day type dinner - meat loaf or some other comfort food. It was fun. Then those friends moved away.

I'll have to think about my guilty pleasures.

Anonymous said...

Sunday is doing laundry and getting things lined up for the work week day. I'm praying that the promised "cold" front arrives soon. It's toooo hot and sticky. :-p

Boran2, I loved all the national parks in Utah, too. Have fun in Sedona.

Andif, the pic of Bebo looks like a pic of a tasmanian devil - all awhirl. lol

Lisa, a guilty pleasure? Ummm, B&G's Phish Food.

Glad you're feeling better, Maria.
Farf, hope you get the rain you need soon.

MaryB, what eclectic musical taste!

Good luck with finishing the book, Miss Nancy.

Nancy P said...

Anony? What's B&G's Phish Food?

Maryb. . BRUUUUCE!!!! I saw him years ago and it was the best damn rock concert I have seen ever. How was he this time?

Boran2, I loves me some Utah. So gorgeous.

Andif, "Let people be any height they want." lol! If you stand in the light long enough maybe it will happen.

Lisa, good luck at school this week. And, imo, ice cream cones should only ever be soft serve.

Far, is it an empty nest now?

I just went to a 50th wedding anniversary and saw cousins. Lots o' cousins.

Anonymous said...

oops, it should have been B & J's (Ben & Jerry's) phish food (chocolate ice cream w/ goodies in it)