Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not here

Gone. Back later.
Photo by Monet, er, I mean, Andif.


boran2 said...

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it still give rise to a blog post? ;-)

AndiF said...

Keep on keeping on, Nancy. Work those scenes down to 0.

Hey B2, hope you've drip-dried by now and looking forward to a great day.

It's not often a picture so expressively illustrates an attitude but this one says it all for me. [LINK]

Happy (or not) Hump Day

Lisa Miller said...

A beautiful place to disappear.
For a little while.

B2 another day to relax and enjoy new vistas.

Andif-Pensive and pooped pups. I'm imagining you scrunched under there taking this picture.

Wonderful Wednesday to All.

Kelly McCullough said...

As Christopher Robin once wrote:


Me too. Abandoned kitten in the downstairs bath until Thursday afternoon. Errands to run. And a stranded cousin to rescue. Hope y'all are having a better week.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Kelly. And gooder luck, Nancy. Waving to boran2 in soggy Sedona, andi and Lisa - from soggy N Idaho. Didn't I say summer was over?

Bill's home (hard to build houses in the wind and rain), so another day of putting the house to rights. Working on the blog, a day at a time.

Wishing everyone a great day, whatever you're up to.

katiebird said...


Good Morning!

Maria Lima said...

Unlike Nancy, still here, but will be gone on Saturday for a week.

Work has been beyond insane this week, with one Director on vacation and me holding the fort. But Saturday, I'm off to Vancouver.


I'll take the computer but will probably be less likely to play Internets. :)


FARfetched said...

Soggy here too, B2, but it's supposed to start clearing out.

Sister-in-law is finally in her own room, so visiting will be a little easier. I think Mrs. Fetched is going to take the boys down this afternoon.

Hey Nancy, keep pegging at it! Nice photo, by the way. You suddenly want to forget about all the electronic gadgetry and go sit on that fallen log for a while…

Busy like Kelly, bouncing from Crisis A to Crisis B. BACKSON.

Nicola Slade said...

Grey here in the south of England but at least it's not raining, which is a rarity for this pathetic excuse for a summer.

Feeling very smug and jumpy-up-and-downish as my agent's just told me the audio rights for my Victorian murder have been sold. Yay, somebody likes it!

Lisa Miller said...

Nicky--How exciting. I enjoy listening to mysteries. I'm such a slow reader, that was one way for me to enjoy more books.
Plenty of sun and heat here in Texas. I'll dispatch some around the country and across the sea to all you suffering gray or soggy.

Kelly--poor kitty, hope you are home and rescue complete soon.

Beth--glad you are having time to catch up
pat on back for Bill--frustrating when stuck at home as summer really does come to a close.

Katiebird-waving back

Maria -- Vancouver will be such a wonderful change.

Farf--like your idea, sitting on the log. Best thing to do when it all gets too much.
Juggling the family--It's nice when everyone gets their own space.

Kelly McCullough said...

Anyone want a good deal on a cousin? Cute, blond, sensible about everything but men. As a related aside, did you know that it's very hard to buy someone a plane ticket home if they won't call you back and give you the information you need to fill out in order to actually get the ticket ordered? Sigh. I know she's stressed to the gills at the moment but she's making it very hard to help her.

Anonymous said...

You get gold stars for trying, Kelly -

Kelly McCullough said...

Thanks Beth.

This one's driving me a bit crazy. On the bright side I got almost 2,000 words today, which means I'm finally getting back into the swing of writing.

Nancy P said...

b2, lol, apparently, it does.

Good god, andi, that photo of the dogs is kind of. . . spooky.

Hey, Lisa. Just hey.

Kelly, maybe the cousin was with the kitten? That cousin will probably be worth 2,000 words one day in some story of yours.

Hey, Beth. There's a guy on a motorcycle in my next book. Coincidence?

katiebird, come back here!

Maria, Vancouver, yum. Pretty.

Far, did I mention that photo is by Andif?

Nicola! How do you say "hip hip hooray" in English?