Saturday, August 9, 2008

Porch Writing

This Sunday is a day for porch writing with my pal Sally. It's wonderful to have a couple of cool days so we can actually work outside for a change. She has a book due the first of September and so do I. Neither of us felt well yesterday for some reason--we think it's the barometer playing havoc with our heads--but we each still managed to get out a chapter and we felt good about that. In fact, Sally thinks it was the first time she ever wrote an entire chapter in one day. While we wrote, her husband worked on his computer inside the house and her son came over and joined us on the porch with his laptop.

There's nothing like a productive day of writing to cure what ails me.


Nicola Slade said...

A whole chapter? That's good going; I managed about 1500 words yesterday but it shifted things along so that my protagonist is lined up now to stumble over a body. Lots and lots of blood too! (It's historical so it's all right for me to gloat!)

paul lamb said...

I'm envious for a couple of reasons. It usually takes me at least two weeks to get a chapter down in first draft. Also, I've had not writing opportunities in the last week. Ugh!

Still down in Rolla helping #1 Son move in to college. Then a bit of visiting with my new nephew today before a long drive back home. I hope the book I have on my iPod is good.

Lisa Miller said...

Up early no matter what day of the week. Cats and Dogs licking chops from breakfast or snacks. Then they'll go back to snoozing. That's the life.

Porch looks wonderful. Here just get cooked if ya sit outside too long so I'm stuck inside with AC and glad to have it.
Last night watching this 42 year old swimmer compete in a relay with the young whipper snappers and win a silver medal was something.
Made me glad I'd embarked on this writing journey at 50. New challenges to learn and hone.

Nicki--1500 words sounds fantastic. I write with the speed of a tortoise so I seldom hit that number in one day. A body and lots of blood -- you've got my interest.

Paul--here's hoping you get some writing time soon. The price ya pay for being #1 dad but the memories are worth it.

Nancy I think allergies and pressure changes are a problem all over. Hope you have an easier time of it today. Don't worry, I didn't crush F M I didn't get to lounge until last night and I laid on the couch. I continue to be inspired by your productivity.
Now on to my two chapters to edit today.

Sassy Sunday to All

AndiF said...

Cool weather is wonderful. Summer should just politely go away and let it be May until September.

And Lisa requested trees rather than forests so I thought I'd dip into the archives for her and not only satisfy her request but give her a little perspective as well. ;)


Morning all.

katiebird said...

I'm sorry you weren't feeling well, Nancy. But, today seems like a great day for porch writing. I hope it goes well for you.

(waving) Hi Nicola & Paul & Lisa & Andi!

FARfetched said...

You guys make me feel bad. :-) When I'm really cooking, I can crank out 1500 words in an hour, longhand over lunch. Kinda kills any excuse I have for not getting more writing done, huh? If there's anything like a secret there, it's that I use a lot of the otherwise mind-numbing downtime to compose in my head. When it gets itself together, it pours out of my head and through the pen.

Somewhat apropos to this discussion, 43 Folders had a pretty good three-part series on Making Time to Make this week (link points to Part I).

Nicola Slade said...

Hi Lisa, I'm always astonished at how bloodthirsty we women are wnen it comes to murder mysteries! It's Victorian blood, so much less hassle than having to think about forensics! Sequel to 'Murder Most Welcome', a cozy mystery that came out in May.
No writing so far today, the sun is out and that's so rare this summer I'm determined to make the most of it.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all!

Yay on the chapter, Nancy.

I had a very productive day and was able to finish the copyedits on both the book and the essay. Whew.

Today will be a lazy Sunday. I'll be watching more episodes of X-files, season 1, reading and napping. Heavenly!

Have a great Sunday!

Maire said...

Love the pics!

Lisa Miller said...

Andif--Thanks for the Wonderful tree. Love the perspective. And the dogs are a bonus. I'll print it as a reminder to focus as I bump against the words that don't flow with the ease that Farf finds.
It would be so much easier to pull back and look at the forest but then the editing doesn't move forward as it is time to deal with the trees.

Farf relish the productivity.
Excuse me while I go apply a little more makeup so the green doesn't show.

(waving back) KB enjoy the day

Nicky--SUN! Dance in those rays girl.

Maryb said...

That porch looks so inviting. It looks like a perfect place to read your next book N. :)

Good morning everyone. Today will be laundry day for me. I love doing laundry - because I can read between loads and feel like I've accomplished a chore while getting to do my favorite thing.

Dina said...

Hi, all. Nancy, what a great porch to sit on. The cats could come and be mighty huntresses while reading is done!

And Andif, I loved the tree picture. I agree with Lisa that the dogs are an added bonus. Your pictures always make me want to move to the woods, which unfortunately isn't going to happen.

Lisa Miller said...

Somebody drag me to the porch.
I finished editing my two chapters for today.
Despite husband, visitors and slow motion mind.

Maria, I'm too pooped or I'd go put on more makeup to cover my neon green glow. Hooray you got so much done so efficiently.

Waves to MaryB, Maire, Dina and all else.
Now off to sit on the glider and let the dogs romp.

boran2 said...

That's a nice comfy porch, Nancy.

Congratulations on having a productive day!

I had a productive, if less interesting, day as well. Errands, errands, errands.

boran2 said...

Hi all!

Maryb said...

Finally getting a chance to watch the Olympics. I remember when I used to love gymnastics but for some reason it isn't interesting me that much. I wish I had tuned in earlier to watch the Chinese gymnastics team.

Janet said...

I had a strange day off today. Thought I'd get much more accomplished. Got my final doc wrap up on my cut/burn from six months ago. Work injury made worse by a workers comp clinic giving me a 2nd degree burn. Thumb will be "wonky" for years to come due to nerve damage... But I am going to try and pick up a guitar this year.

Then me and my son went out and tried to be good little consumers since my partner will be FIFTY this Saturday. I am no where near FIFTY, Hell I'm still in my 30s! Okay okay.. 39 but still IN my thirties. My husband is a very athletic, sharp looking man. People probably think I robbed the cradle. Ha! So... why is it that I'm feeling so meloncholy and... old?

Wes and I visited our very first friend we made here in Oregon who is now a stay at home Dad with a ten month old. Some of you may recall me posting about my Coffee Man? He and Wayne go biking and surfing together. Up untill the baby LOL He and his family will be coming over to the house for cake. But other than that.. no big party. Is that wrong?

Danni's still at dance/color guard. 11 hour days for two weeks. So why didn't get things accomplished?

I didn't do any laundry. Nor dishes. I only spent about $50 bucks at REI. How was that possible?! I suppose I'll be able to run out Friday.

At least me and Wes kept the animals well watered since it turned out HOT today AGAIN. We both got sunburns so we both feel foolish as we normally are both OCDish about our skin LOL...

What did I do??? I READ. It's all Nancy's fault! ;) I read while in the waiting room. Then I just looked up and noticed I've been reading for two solid hours. Thank goodness I had some pork chops ready to toss on the grill.

The book has deserved much more time than I've been able to give it. But been able to finally get lost in it. It's a library book (sorry, but we spend more time there than Powells LOL due to the Peace Vigils and Danni loves her local library) but this book... It's not over yet... but I want to buy it. It's been a "tornado" of emotions for me. None of it would be of what you would think either. Mostly about the Good Ole Boy system and lies and how the innocent people have to suffer and be scarred from those lies. I've been on the verge of tears of hopelessness or tears of anger.

Still not finished. But I've managed to drink a ton of Limeade and ... maybe if I didn't have to get up to go "tinkle" so much I'd finish the damn book. :)

Waves from Portland, keep writing you guys. I've got a whoppah to get back to.

Don't worry authors. I'll buy the book. Nancy's books usually come to me via the library and then they fall into my lap at Powells. ONE, my first, literally fell into my hands. Bum Steer. And it was SIGNED. Yes, there really is a Kansas. ;)

I like finding Nancy's books that way.