Sunday, August 17, 2008

My porch pal's new book!

Last year, when I wrote on Sally Goldenbaum's screened-in porch, this is the book she was working on. It just came out this month, in hardcover from Penguin, and it's available all over the place.

I'll let other people brag on her, so you won't think I'm biased. :)

"A charming and delightful read. This book has a strong sense of place - so strong one can smell the seaweed. Delicious."–Alexander McCall Smith

“Murder in a truly close-knit community--a knitting circle in a New England seaside town. Peopled with characters we come to care about. Add a cup of tea, a roaring fire and you've got the perfect cozy evening.” –Rhys Bowen, author of Her Royal Spyness and the Agatha and Anthony-award winning Molly Murphy mysteries

“With all the dexterity and warmth the women of Sea Harbor knit into their sweaters and shawls, Sally Goldenbaum weaves us a tale that combines friendship, community—and crime— without dropping a stitch.” -Gillian Roberts, author of the Amanda Pepper series

"In DEATH BY CASHMERE, Sally Goldenbaum's appealing world will draw readers to return time and again to Sea Harbor. In this wonderful launch of a vibrant new mystery series, the characters ring true and clear."-Carolyn Hart, author of Set Sail for Murder



Anonymous said...

Congrats indeed, Sally! The Magic Porch does it again! Adding it to my "must read" list now...that's so exciting.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was way too hot - 107 today. But they're calling for 59 on Thursday. Summer in North Idaho, egads. At least there are no hurricanes heading this way...

Night all...

Janet said...

As the old saying goes, "any friend of Nancy's is..." well it's been a late hockey night where we saw the spouse "settle some old scores" and we're all burnt out so I forget what the old saying is saying now. ;)

But it sure seems like I have some more reading to catch up on. Looking forward to it Ms. Sally :)

Death by Cashmere... reminds me of one of our old, comfortable favorite flicks - Murder by Death. :) I'm sure Nancy has seen it(?) Anyone? Anyone? It's about a bunch of murder/mystery authors being invited to a fun filled evening of... Murrrrder. Capote, Peter Sellers, Peter Faulk... bunch of em. I give it a three thumbs up.

AndiF said...

Mazel tov, Sally. May your books sales move along as smoothly as a porch swing.

And since we're all about publication today, I think I should move away from forests and trees in the Monday Picture Post:

Foggy morning at the lake 1 [LINK]

Foggy morning at the lake 2 [LINK]

Sally said...

Nancy--thank you!

What great PR with a wonderful, discerning group of folks. I am MOST appreciative to all of you for your very nice comments. about a support group!
Have a great week and many thanks.

Lisa Miller said...

Look forward to snuggling up with Cashmere and reading it Sally.
Andif--beautiful pics today. I've been thinking about a first day of school lesson I could do with some of your pictures. I'm constantly trying to get the students to look to the future and beyond themselves.
Today's fog pics makes me want to put them in a boat and have them describe what awaits beyond the fog. But got to noodle it some more.

Beth I'm so sorry you got our heat, we've been much cooler here.

Janet that is a good, funny movie.

Reality has struck and I must go back to work today. So I've delayed enough getting ready.

Marvelous Monday to All.

FARfetched said...

Yay Sally!

Loved Murder by Death. I was in high school when it came out.

Gotta scoot, will type later!

Nancy P said...

107 in IDAHO?!

Janet, :). Yeah, what *is* that "old saying"? Any friend of Nancy's is probably reading a blog right now? lol. Oh, and I'd forgotten about that movie. I did love it, of course.

Thanks you, Official Blog Photographer!

Waves at Sally!

Remind me, when does school start, Lisa?

Hey, Far! Bye, Far!

Dina said...

Congrats, Sally. Have put it on the list.

Andif - love the fog, love the pictures.

Kelly McCullough said...

Congrats Sally! Sounds like a fun read.

Julie Tollefson said...

Congratulations, Sally! I'm looking forward to seeing you and hearing more at the River City Reading Festival next month. (Nancy, sorry you can't be there, too!)

Maryb said...

Congratulations Sally! I like that cover - it's eye catching. I'm putting it on The List.

Beth - 107? oh. my. I hope the big cooldown really shows up.

Andi and Lisa - I love the idea of having students use Andi's photos as the starting point for something.

Conda V. Douglas said...

Oh yummy, a mystery to read--and looks like a cozy, which are my favs.

Congrats, Sally.

And I agree with Janet. If you haven't seem Murder by Death, rent it now.

AndiF said...

Belated greetings to Beth and Janet. On time greetings to Sally, Lisa, Farf (who shows his -- his mother's? -- good taste by sharing a b'day with my wonderful M-I-L), Nancy, Dina, newcomer Julie, MaryB, and Conda.

Lisa, I'm with Mary -- I'm absolutely enchanted at the idea that you can use my pictures in class. I thought it might be nice to have some more foggy lake variations so I hunted up some golden oldies.

foggy fall lake 1 [LINK]
foggy fall lake 2 [LINK]
Note: going along with your future theme, what's interesting about these two pictures is that picture 2 was taken about 5 minutes after picture 1.

frosty/foggy lake [LINK]

Maria Lima said...

Congrats, Sally! Great blurbs from some lovely folks. :)

Busy, busy work day. Eating lunch now and sneaking a peek at what the gang's up to.

Anonymous said...

Wow, how exciting! Congrats, Sally! I look forward to reading your new book.

Beth, I'm so glad you were able to get the big move done before the big heat arrived!

Janet, I'll have to check the local library for that video.

Great pix again, Andif. Many thanks.

Happy belated b-day, Kelly.

School starts so soon, Lisa? :-(

Were you able to finish up your latest, Nancy?

Hi, Farf, Julie, Conda, Maria.

Lisa Miller said...

I survived my first day back at work today. Students start next Monday. Now I gotta figure out a writing schedule for the school year.

Andif you are so fantastic with more pictures. When I decide what I'm doing for my classes I'll let you know.

Waves to all!!

katiebird said...

I've been stewing because I was too stupid to ask her to autograph it when I bought it last week.

I'm an idiot.

maryb said...

kb - this will just give her time to think about the perfect inscription for you :)

Andi - more gorgeous photos. Isn't it amazing how fast fog rises? I can't wait to hear what Lisa's students do.

I'm off to a joint happy hour between Drinking Liberally and Green Drinks (people who care about the environment) - which sounds like a good mix of people, although Monday night is a strange night for happy hour.

And I'm gonna celebrate the return of Billmon to the tubes. Which must have happened when I was on vacation.

Sally said...

Katiebird is not an idiot. She is so sweet! and it's so nice to have faces behind the names, though they become so real (even to lurkers like me who don't REALLY get to drink the coffee and eat the pasties). And Julie, please come talk to me at the festical--it will be so nice to meet you!

How odd it is that once our kids leave the nest we no longer define our year in terms of Sept and June...Lisa, may you and your students have a good year that gives birth to good things...
Andif, your photos continue to inspire me. Thank're as good as yoga.
Thank you again, all of you. What gracious friends Nancy has! (And if I can ever get her to let me take her picture on my porch, I will make her let me post it here! She's a stubborn soul, our Nancy...)

Sally said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sally said...

Oh dear...I meant pastries. I am never going to be allowed to post on a blog again. I will be censured!!
It' the getting up at 5 am that does this to me. Sigh.

katiebird said...

Hi Sally, I've got some photos of Nancy. I could send one to you and you could clone her into a photo of your porch. If you want....


Nancy P said...

Julie, hi!

Hey, Dina, Kelly, Maryb, Anonymous, Conda, and Katiebird!

Sally, I removed your double post. Not that I don't think everything you say deserves to be repeated! Especially your hilarious typos. lol.

Nancy P said...

Katiebird you stay out of this, lol! Nancy is stubborn 'cause the only time she's on Sally's porch, she looks like crap.

Good writing day. Yay me!

katiebird said...

Ah, well then -- cloning you in from my photos is the perfect solution (not that I believe you since I've seen you at least twice when you were on your way porchward) -- we'll just cut and paste you into place!

Janet said...


That just about tops some of my typoinneundos.

Mary, green drinks? That sounds like a great group of drinkers. I've been working with biodynamic winery dudes and local breweries who are using sustainable practices - along with sust. bottling stuff. Wicked cool things are happening along those lines. People are waking up. Food and brew is choose to buy and support is one of the ways I can actually "vote" anymore.