Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Enchanted Forest

I especially love this one.

Magic photo by andif.


Nancy P said...

Off to bed. Splat.

AndiF said...

Speaking of magic, I thought this picture looked like Bebo was posing for a cover of a fantasy book. [LINK]

Morning all.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all! ::yawns::

Andi - Bebo in the Forest - new YA book? ::g::

I do love the forest pics; very much an enchanted fantasyland, rife with possibility.

I'll be less than available this weekend. Just got my edits for BLOOD BARGAIN (VERY late, so I need to turn around revisions ASAP). I'll be hunkered down over a hot keyboard all weekend.

What's everyone else up to?

Nancy P said...

Is that steam coming off your keyboard, Maria? You go, girl.

Andi, I can imagine a book title and author's name in the middle of that. Bebo and the Sorcerer's Stone.

FARfetched said...

Working at home. It's already getting muggy out there.

Lisa Miller said...

Editing be my middle name until school starts.

Though I would like to take my writing into the enchanted forest and write among the fern fronds and COOL breezes, Bebo by my side.
Maybe lift a brew or glass of wine with faries, gnomes, or hobbits.
Telling stories round the campfire as darkness falls.

Maria, I'll be right with ya on the keyboard.

Farf stay cool.

Nancy and anyone else come on out to the forest, but leave the sorcer's stone with Harry please.

Andif may be kind enough to keep us supplied with an enchanted picture or two to fuel the imagination over the next few days.

maryb said...

Bebo looks like a creature trying to lure us into the enchanted forest. And we all know that leads to no good. Well, except Lisa who thinks nice creatures dwell in enchanted forests. I've never trusted fairies since getting to know Tinkerbell at a young age.

Or maybe my perception is skewed by spending 5 days with a one year old labrador retriever in a small cabin with 4 other people. Probably Bebo intends no harm but I'm thinking Giddy is more my speed this week. But of course my favorite is still Sniff (I am not fickle. )

Kelly McCullough said...

Getting ready to go a vacationing completely off net--I can already feel the withdrawal starting.

AndiF said...

Nancy, Bebo says the correct title is Bebo and the Sorcerer's Rawhide Bone.

Mary, Sniff is thrilled and relieved to know someone isn't fickle (yes, Sniff says, I am looking at you, Jim and Andi, oh bringers of the interloper).

Hi Maria, Farf, Lisa (who apparently has never seen Into the Woods), and Kelly.

Lisa Miller said...

Andif--LOVE the rawhide bone title

I am blindly entering the enchanted forest yes. The creatures are kind and full of good magic.

You guys just keep your old forest primeval filled with danger and bad creatures.

My REAL world is filled with angry, agitated ogre students.

So my imaginary world is one of fun. I'm going to go walk along the stream bank with soft mud oozing between my toes then put my feet in the cool stream.

Janet said...

It looks to me like there'd be a crapload of bugs and slugs.

Been busy at work and home. Been burying my nose in Nancy's VOSP till I drop off into a deep coma. Which usually results in me waking up to a book ON my nose.

Waves thru the multitudes of cat dander and fluff. Ick!

Nancy P said...

A quick wave to departing Kelly! We'll miss you!

boran2 said...

Another great photo, Andi. You do live in a picturesque place.

FARfetched said...

Kelly, enjoy yourself! And thank your Greek gods that you don't Twitter from your cellphone. :-D

Dogs leading the way… yeah, bad mojo. Usually, they're following the trail of food. Their kind of food, not ours. The stinky kind, the kind they roll in before they eat.

Space Station Soma, and the rum, have been doing a number on me tonight. I'm channeling Rene (one of the kids in FAR Future) to write a post. He's been doing an… interesting job.