Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Wow. Cool, photo, Andif! Thank you!
What do you see
in the patterns on the tree?


Nancy P said...

Two weeks and a few days left til my deadline. All my typed words--except these few--are going into that. I miss you guys, and you're not even gone. I am!

I'll catch up later, promise.

Jen said...

::scoots in early, scurries around, picks up trash, straightens up, starts coffee and bacon::

It's all under control, Nancy, don't let anything distract you from your wonderful word-weaving. :)

Maria Lima said...

"Morning, all," she croaks.

Seems I've picked up some other ENT virues. Sigh. I'm off to the local Minute Clinic in a bit to make sure it's not strep, then to the office.

Love the tree patterns. I see bats, swirling and playing as they exit their cave in the twilight.

Have a great Tuesday!

Lisa Miller said...

Tree tatoos that morph with the shifting sun.
That would be a tatoo that I would consider. In all this paranormal flurry are there characters that have tatoos that change with mood?
Andif--LOVE the tree

Nancy focus that energy lady.

Jen--such a nurturer, taking charge

Maria--pamper yourself and get well

Tenacious Tuesday to all

Dina said...

Hi, all.

Maria, feel better.

Nancy, good luck on the deadline.

Andif, what a wonderful picture! I see the spirits trapped within fighting to get out - at least temporarily.

paul lamb said...

I see the words of the next chapter I haven't had a chance to get started on.

Kimberly Frost said...

Great picture. Love the filigree effect of the shadows.

Hugs to all,

Nancy - Have a great day writing!

Anonymous said...

Morning, everyone! I just love this picture, andi - I'm with Lisa: it looks like a tribal tattoo of some kind. Maybe the pack sneaked out when you weren't looking and marked their territory?

Keep plugging away, Nancy - the finish line is in sight!

Hope you're feeling better soon, Maria! And hugs to everyone else. I have errands to run and boxes to unpack - and SOMETIME I need to work on my synopsis and query letter...but for now, I need breakfast.

FARfetched said...

I see the leg of a leopard. Up all too close and personal. But I think it's stalking Nancy, making sure she finishes her MSS.

Jen, good to see you feeling better. Thanx for the coffee; I'll get the biscuits started.

Maria, seems like you're catching everything that comes around! I'd suspect something a bit deeper & more subtle than the virus of the week.

Lisa, Dina, Paul, Kimber, hang on, the biscuits will be ready shortly!

FARfetched said...

Ack. I almost forgot. AGAIN.

There was another good 43 Folders post last week dealing with writing: Lunch Poems — snatching some time to write in between all the other stuff you're doing.

So even when you can't "Make Time to Make," you can be physically & mentally prepared to add to your word count when opportunity strikes…

I hope everyone gets lots of productive, quality writing done this week… whether you had time to or not. :-)

maryb said...

I love a countdown. And this is a GREAT countdown - a countdown until your new book is finished (yippee)AND a countdown to when you can start the really important writing of your life - what you write to us. heh.

Wait. What are you doing reading this? GET BACK TO WORK. Jen is taking care of the rest of us just fine.

Excellent photo as usual Andi - it reminds me of stenciling.

Paul - did you check out mini-stonehenge? (I've never seen it myself, just heard it was in Rolla).

Beth I can't wait until you are all unpacked and have time to visit. So ... get back to work. Because it's all about us - didn't you know?

Conda V. Douglas said...

The shadows on the tree trunk resemble some ancient archaic language to me--from Babylon, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

When I first saw this picture yesterday, I thought it was the actual design of the bark and thought how cool. Then I realized it was shadows and thought farout! I too think the design resembles bats floating around. Great pic, Andif!

Jen, glad you're up and around. You were missed. Sorry you didn't make it to your sister's wedding. Hope you're feeling much better.

Be well, Maria.

When's the house warming, Beth?

Good writing vibes to all the writers here! Nancy, looking forward to your new work of art!

Hi to everyone.

boran2 said...

It is a cool photo. I see a star fish and something that suggests a crab, kind of a nautical theme. Hiya all you landlubbers.

Hope you make your deadline, Nancy.

Janet said...

Creepy. It reminds me of something from the flick The Evil Dead. ACK! :)