Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Not here, either

Photo by Andif. Those are her footprints. :p
Still gone.


Nancy P said...

20 pp. , approx., from The End. Maybe less.

boran2 said...

Cool, Nancy! Things have obviously been going very well for you.

We had a day without a rainy Sedona! One more full day and then we leave. :-(

boran2 said...

Oh, I love that photo, andi! But your feet, you might want to see a specialist.

maryb said...

But then there's the Epilogue ...


keep writing.

Andi - what are those tracks of? I might re-think coming to Indiana depending on the answer.

Lisa Miller said...

The earth shutters beneath my feet and I leap behind the fallen tree as the lean mean writing machine Nancy rumbles by. Footprints in the soft sand are all that is left of the fleeing wildlife. They've gathered on a distant hill to glimse the magical site of author nearing the final page.

B2-Enjoy the final V day.

Waving to MaryB and all to follow.

Terrific Thursday to all. THREE DAY WEEKEND on the horizon!!

AndiF said...

That's weird ... my post was there and now it's gone.

Well I hope this one sticks around.

Huzzah, Nancy! Now don't let them there fingers cramp up on ya from all that writin' goin' on.

Safe journey, b2.

Mary, those are raccoon tracks so you don't have to worry so long as you stay to well-lighted plances at night and don't look like a trash can.

Morning Lisa. Love your imagery.

Maria Lima said...

::yawns:: Morning, all!

Yays to Nancy for nearing those hallowed holy words: the end.

I'd probably have something pithier to say, but I'm pooped. Insane work week, coupled with pre-flight stress.

I'm packed, all but the kitchen sink...uhm, electronics, but I'm already stressing about doing the whole airport thing. It's such a hassle these days. Oh well, one must endure if one wishes to have vacation. :)

Happy Thursday!

Kelly McCullough said...

Yay for Nancy!

G-mornin' all,

(staggers over to coffee pot, puts in water, runs cycle, pours cup of very hot water, swears, puts in more water, plus a filter and coffee, waits. . .runs cycle, pours cup, remembers he doesn't drink coffee, starts heating water for tea, falls asleep leaning against counter)

S' gonna be one o' those days.

TTFN, I gotta go find a very large caffeine source.

Anonymous said...

Morning to all. One of those days when I wish I could drink caffeine. Lots of errands and chores done yesterday, but still lots more to do. Friends coming over for dinner, so I need to hang pictures and clean.

Yay Nancy! Almost there...

Fun vacations to boran and maria - and happy end of the work week to everyone else! TGTF.

FARfetched said...

Kelly, I drink coffee because I need to, not because I like the taste! :-P Oh never mind, you're sleeping. *calls some middle-school girls to give Kelly a makeover while he's asleep*

Maria… I find myself constantly saying, "if only you could hook a keyboard to an iPhone" — then my packing would be very easy: clothes, iPhone, keyboard, charger(s). Maybe I could vacation on a nude beach and leave the clothes behind too.

Boran, enjoy what's left of *your* vacation.

Andi, your original post *and* your picture made tracks!

Nancy, 20 pages? See you Saturday then! I'll get the booze out.

Mary, Lisa, hey hey and nanana good-bye… I need to make tracks of my own & get a head start on Kelly. ;-)

FARfetched said...

Have to go catch up on Beth's blog while I have a chance....

Kelly McCullough said...

I love coffee. Unfortunately, it hates me with a deep and abiding passion. I have come to love tea even more, but I do occasionally wish I could still drink coffee--especially when I'm as in need of caffeine as I am today.

(pauses) Hey, why are my tonails pink? Farf!

Lisa Miller said...

Maria, take a deep breath and ENJOY the coming trip.
Kelly and Farf--You guys are hilarious.
Tea or coffee--I'm your man, uhh woman. Do both, love both. I couldn't do coffee for a while either but then I gave birth to my son(now 20) and coffee was back in my life. Kelly I think they're doing wonders implanting embryos these days.
Beth--friends for dinner, you are such the social creature. I'd send you energy but all out with school starting. Sugar and chocholate--better than coffee but much harder on the figure.
Andi--bows to the photo queen

Back to work.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm a huge coffee fan, Lisa - just decaf. And much better in latte or mocha form (living in the NW, dontchaknow). But given the choice, chocolate would win every time!

Nancy P said...

So I needed a break from The Book today, so I started on the next one. This is funny, right? I have a title, the main character, part of the plot. And a year to write it.

So I'm watching the convention with the sound turned down for a while, and listening to songs by Everlast and Kenny Wayne Shepherd who sound a whole lot alike.

We had rain. Now we have yellow light. Andi, you should be here to catch it.

Lisa Miller said...

Able to leap from book to book in a single bound.
Raucous raccoon block party toasting resilient writer giving opposable thumbs up tribute.

Enjoy your evening.

Anonymous said...

Woot! Can't wait to read it, Miss N!
And another one already in preproduction?! :-D

Andif, it must be difficult to find shoes that size, no? lol