Sunday, August 3, 2008

Uphill climb

Magic photo by Andif: close your eyes, imagine yourself standing in the light, and now make a wish. . . that you're not standing in poison ivy. No! Just kidding. Go ahead, make a wish for this week.


AndiF said...

I wish it wasn't Monday. ::checks calendar:: Damn, didn't work.

Oh well then I guess I need to do the Monday Picture Post which is particularly enlightening this week.

For Lisa [LINK]

Not for Farf [LINK]

Maria Lima said...

::slogs uphill::

I'm with Andi--wish it weren't Monday. Oh well.

It's back to the office today for me post 2.5 days out and still with a bit of congestion/chest cold. Hope my backlog isn't *too* bad.

Spent yesterday in Jane Austen-land watching Sense & Sensibility and reading Flirting with Pride & Prejudice: Fresh Perspectives on the Original Chick-Lit Masterpiece part of the Benbella SmartPop series.

Andi - the spider web pic is AWESOME!

Happy week to all!

Lisa Miller said...

Super pictures Andif!!!!
I now have new wallpaper so I can enjoy my Light in the Woods.

I love spider webs too.
Especially if I'm not blundering through it in the dark.

Boy, Nancy has a fantastic photographer pal and I appreciate her use of your pictures and others to springboard so many of her blogs.

My wish for the week:
to reach my editing goal
oh and
can I be transported to mountains, 80 degrees and an afternoon shower.
Cause this witch definately feels like she's melting.

Here's to feeling better Maria.

A Mystical Monday to all.

katiebird said...

Good Morning Nancy and Andi & Maria & Lisa!

Nancy, that's a lovely vision for a hot morning.

Andi & Maria, I wish I could grant your wish. I really do.

Maria, I hate colds and thinking through colds. I hope you get well soon. I'll have to remember your therapy though -- Jane Austen sounds like a powerful treatment!

Nancy P said...

Andi, that spiderweb looks like a slice of wood with concentric rings. Incredible. I'd love to use it on the front page, but I don't want to scare Far and the other webphobes away, lol.

Hi, Maria, Lisa, and Kb!

FARfetched said...

I wish the chicken houses would go away. ::squinches:: Dangit.

Spiderwebs are OK as long as they're not in my path. That's when I get a bit cranky.

Spent the weekend in NC, mostly computer-less. I had a few brief moments of open wifi on my new iPod touch, saw the weekend commentary, didn't have much to say (or time to say it). Mom's doing good, though. That's the important thing. She's starting to develop New Laptop Lust too.

AndiF said...

Lisa, always happy to brighten someone's desktop. :)

And see Nancy, farf has given his blessing to frontpaging the spider web and there's no spider in it so even if Manny stops by, it won't bother him.

Afternoon all.

boran2 said...

I wish for little stress. But that would be my wish for every week. That and 10 more wishes.

Nancy P said...

I'm glad your mom's doing well, Far, and thanks for the web go-ahead. :)

Nighty-night, B2. I grant you 10 more wishes.

Janet said...

You know what I'd wish for... but also:

The "freedom" to buy an ALL electric car *Those damn Smart cars don't count... they are nothing more than a golf cart that costs alot*

I'd wish that no other mother would have to watch their child waste away due to our nightmare called Health Care. Which is nothing but murder by spreadsheet.

As an Iraqi refugee once told me when she heard of my son's past and the whole health care sham and how 55 million working Americans don't have coverage ... "that IS terrorism".

And... If I may... I'm wishin for a chance to meet Nancy and Andi, damnmit.

Reeling a bit as yesterday I met a fan of Mike Savage while at work. I had to leave my post. The woman was S.I.C.K. Was just a reminder of the uphill battle my chlddren will have ahead of them if world is going to survive.