Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Cloud and Jimmy on my mother's couch. They're sister and brother, a meow mix.


FARfetched said...

We had a cat named Cloud. HUGE claws on those paws. The kids called him Cloud because he was black, but later on I found out he had a white undercoat… so in a way, he *did* have a silver lining!

Hope everyone has a good time at the mimes tomorrow. I'll be on four wheels given there's a pretty good chance of rain for the next week.

katiebird said...

Ahhhh. They're so cute.

I'm so confused. Are you home?


AndiF said...

Hey, we is in charge and we sez no pikturs! We noz where u live and we will get u!

Lisa M said...

Lucifer was our black cat.
Other cats we've had--Pickett, Jeb, and Beauregard (Civil War generals)
Sundae--she was black and white.
Now we have Agatha (She who must be obeyed--leader of the pack) and Toby.

Cats make regal subjects.
Andi--the dogs lead us to adventure. Cats draw us to them to be adored.

Feel a bit stodgy listening to all the concert goers.
My first--the Monkees--Junior High probably. Ah the power of television.
I too got to see Chicago--Very small forum in a high school auditorium before they became big.
Jerry Jeff Walker was fun to sing along with but beer at a concert is not a pretty sight.
Brazil 77 by the time I saw them was great.
Gordon Lightfoot was with hubby before he was my hubby. Now those were the days.

36 and RAINING. Almost 2 inches yesterday. Yahooo.
Wrap up and stay warm all.

Anonymous said...

Morning, all. Jealous of your rain!

I'm not a cat person, although we did have a couple of outside kitties to keep the critters at bay when I lived in the woods a few lifetimes ago. All I can keep alive is plants right now...

Glad to be home - hoping Nancy is, too. Going to a Pen Women meeting tonight - never heard of them before, but they've invited me, and hopefully I'll meet new people. Otherwise back to my WIP.

Good day at the mimes, all!

Maria Lima said...

::yawns:: morning, peeps. it's a no caps day... too tired to hit the shift key. ::g::

Rainy and gloomy this a.m., temps dropped again, so my new fan will have to wait to be used.

Off to mimes in a bit for what is already shaping up to be a bitca of a day.

::waves wearily::

FARfetched said...

Got a little chilly here too. Nothing close to frost though.

Everybody try to have a productive day, be it writing, the mimes, or (like in my case) both!

katiebird said...

This is totally off topic but, has anyone heard from FamilyMan since his last post on Christmas Eve? It's been nearly 3 months and that's too long without contact. I think.

Anonymous said...

I emailed him a few weeks ago and he said he'd hurt his back, so couldn't sit at the computer for very long. But he was getting better, and hoped to be back blogging soon.

katiebird said...

Thanks, Beth. Could you post that on his blog too?

AndiF said...

katiebird, FM is doing somewhat better. He does lurk and read blogs and has even been occasionally commenting at BT (last time was about a week ago) but I think he still isn't ready to participate regularly. I'm sure he'd be happy to hear from you via email, though he doesn't always respond.

Dina said...

Hi, all. Love the kitties. Been bad about keeping up but first concert - the Beatles at Shea. Don't remember the exact date but it was a blast even though you could barely hear the songs above the screams.

Ah, memories.

Nancy P said...

Hi, kb. I'm home. My next "big" trip starts the end of next week. Meanwhile, I'm fitting in local gigs and trying to get rewriting done.

lolz, Andi. I's skeered.

Far, a catsitter once told me that lots and lots of us name our animals after weather. Cloudy, Stormy, Sunny, etc.

Lisa, Beauregard is a great name for a cat.

Beth, Pen Women has been around for, like centuries. Slight exaggeration, but they have been around for a long time. But I didn't know they were still active. Let us know what you think.

Maria, your mimes are hard. Pats you.

Family Man, if you're reading, please consider yourself waved and grinned at by multitudes of your friends and fans.

Nicola Slade said...

Lovely moggies. We have Skinny Blind Dylan and Fat Ed who are identical mackerel tabbies apart from Fatso being four times the size of the ancient one.

We once had a ginger cat called Ludo, short for Ludicrous Pussicus, because he had ludicrously bandy legs!

Happy day, all. Busy bunging in some more action and hotting up the pace in my purple prose!


Anonymous said...

Nancy, according to their brochure, the Pen Arts Bldg in DC was built in 1887, and is the headquarters of the National League of American Pen Women. There are over 200 branches and over 6000 members. Honorary members include Erma Bobmeck, Willa Cather, Hillary Clinton, Georgia O'Keefe, Eleanor Roosevelt...

I'll let you know how it goes. Tonight's subject is branding yourself, as an artist.

Nancy P said...

Aw, Nicky, I've always loved that British term for cats, "moggies." It's perfect, somehow.

Beth, so it literally *has* been around for centuries.

Anonymous said...

Right again, Nancy! :-) I'd never heard of them...but then, I forget what I had for dinner by the next morning...

Kelly McCullough said...

Hallloooo! What pretty kitties said the giddy flitty soul.


Just wrote that a little bit ago and still bouncing off the ceiling--Boing! (sorry about the prints, bald, nothing I can do about it--they wash off pretty easily) Boing!

1 book in 4 months and 5 days with the holidays and other emergencies eating something like a month of that. Boing!



bono said...

Cute kitties. My sister feeds all the neighborhood strays. We warned her she's going to get the nickname "neighborhood crazy cat lady" if she's not careful. lol

Nicola, what is bunging? As in bungee jumping? Down and up and down and up? I've never heard the term bunging before.

Congrats, Kelly.

C-c-c-old and dreary here again. Calendar says Spring arrives a week from tomorrow. I'm counting on it.

Have a good evening.

Lisa M said...

Big round of applause for Kelly.
The end--very satisfying!!

That's all I got energy for.
Waves to all as heads to couch to veg with Toby.

Anonymous said...

You are awesome, Kelly! An inspiration to fast writers everywhere. Can't wait to keep reading about Ravirn's exploits...make sure to celebrate accordingly - and for a long time!!

Raising a glass in your honor - yay!!!

boran2 said...

Those look two very content, very comfortable kitties.

Evening all.

I'm looking forward to reading it Kelly!

Welcome home Nancy!

Hi to FM if you're reading.

Anonymous said...

Just got mail from Family Man, and he says he's doing much better. Some of us are better lurkers than others! Me, I never have been the strong, silent type...

Anyway, we love ya, Fam - whether you post or not!

Kelly McCullough said...

Thanks all, went out for a lovely dinner with Laura, then into the city for writers group, and am going to collapse in a little heap now. Tomorrow, I do nothing.