Saturday, March 28, 2009


Sunset from inside a house

Sunset from outside the same house


Nancy P said...

And no basketball. Sob.

Anonymous said...

Two games tomorrow, Nancy! You just have to become a UNC or Louisville fan.....

Pretty pictures!

Stay warm and safe. And hoping everyone had a great Saturday, and has an equally wonderful Sunday.

FARfetched said...

Bummer about Mizzou, Nancy. [So now I'm "FOOM," huh? Well, I can honestly say I've had something blow up in my face!]

Hi Beth!

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend.

AndiF said...

Nice shots in both this post and the last one, Nancy. I sure hope it melts away fast. We have a chance of snow here but it looks like all we're going to get is what we've getting -- lots and lots of rain.

Once more sign of spring appeared for the first time yesterday. [LINK]

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Nancy--really liked your frozen tulip pictures and now the sunsets. You have an eye for possibilities.
Sorry for your losses--BBall.

Farf, So glad the flames led to no serious injuries and you and Mrs. Farf could laugh. Now talking about too much time. How do you find things like the Baa-Studs which were hilarious? I need to check your blog out more often.

Beth, March Madness is coming to an end soon. What will replace it?

Today is the Family lunch for Hubby's bday. David fixed boneless ribs (oxymoron) last night that he will finish off this morning as well as fix pork loin.I'll fix my German Chocolate cake with Mississippi Mud Icing.

Last night Daughter fixed the best salad--Spinach, pink lady apple slices, bleu cheese, pecans and balsamic vinegrette was FABULOUS.

Nancy could you pass me a map for when pictures are being taken.

Maria--hope the head is better today and you don't have to do mime work today.

Andi--Wow--turtle. Hope the pups didn't disturb it too much. Looks like a kaleidoscope army helmet.

Relaxing Sunday to all.

AndiF said...

Pedant time, Lisa. It's a tortoise, not a turtle. :)

And don't worry, the dogs are supremely uninterested in them -- they seem to come with a built-in knowledge that things with shells are more work than a dog should do to get dinner.

March Madness is coming to an end soon. What will replace it?

There's this little thing called the National Pastime. Go Cubbies! (yeah, right).

Lisa M said...

Andi--You are my detail lady.
I had to look up pedant. That's a nice term. So delicate. Rather than--Hey stupid don't you recognize a tortoise.

Now what type of tortoise?

Cubs--I've always liked them too. Rangers can't get their act together for a whole season.
When I was a kid I was a Yankees fan--collected baseball cards. Wish I had that Mickey Mantle card now.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all. Love the stained glass window, Nancy.

Sadly, more rain here, headache unabated. :(

I'm in the recliner debating just closing my eyes to listen to an audiobook, or just to sleep.

Dratted sinuses.

On another note, I'm in search of good sources of angel lore (for a new project I want to pitch) - not the cuddly cupid kind, but the warrior angels of legend. If you all know of any good resources, especially any lore outside of Christian mythology, I'd be extremely grateful. Just e-me.

Back to closing eyes and resting...

Anonymous said...

Morning again, everyone! Sorry about the sinuses, Maria - a good excuse for resting, but not nearly as much fun as doing it w/o pain.

Andi beat me to the answer - college hoops end, baseball begins! Then football starts, baseball ends, hoops begin again, football ends, hoops end - it's the circle of life! :-) (I know there's hockey in there, Olivia and Janet, I'm just not much of a fan - yet.)

Enjoy your family day, Lisa - hippo birdie to the hubby!

Visited with cousins yesterday - today my aunt and I are working a jigsaw puzzle. Then spaghetti for dinner. My uncle was an Italian chef, and my aunt still makes the best sauce in the galaxy, even tho Uncle Jerry's been gone for a very long time.

Sun's coming out - time for a walk. Have a peaceful Sunday, everyone - I'll be rooting for UNC and Louisville this afternoon! Get home safely, NP.

maryb said...

There's this little thing called the National Pastime.

yep, and Andi and I start a friendly rivalry. Go Cards!

After all the "big" snow warnings all we got was a dusting. I'm relieved but part of me wanted to be snowbound.

Nicola Slade said...

Spring is pulling up its socks and making an effort in this neck of the woods though it's chilly today. I'm having a lazy Sunday, just spent three hours reading in the conservatory, accompanied by two sleeping cats and a pregnant bluetit (in the nestbox/seen via the infra-red camera in there). And to cap it all a nice man brought me a cup of tea. I think I'll keep him.

Words for Lisa M : you know what a sarnie is, Lisa? It's the same as a buttie!

AndiF said...

It's a box tortoise, Lisa. Often called a box turtle, even though our species isn't a turtle but there are other species of box turtles that are turtles. Confused yet? And there are a couple of types of turtles (softshell, alligator) in the lake but I don't think I've taken any usuable pictures of them.

We seem to have escaped the frozen precip and only gotten rain. Yay!

Mary, I have to admit that I find it hard to think of the cubbies being anyone's rival. But hey, let's play two!

Hey Beth, you forgot my favorite winter sport -- women's college volleyball, grace, athleticism, and finesse in abundance.

bono said...

Pretty pix, Nancy. I like the stained glass window. And Andif, that tortoise isn't in any danger from falling temps, is he?

Mmmm, sounds like good eatin' at your places, Lisa and Beth.

Sarnie? Buttie? Nicola, I need an online dictionary that translates English to English. lol

Started the day in the 50's, now in the 40's on the way to 30's and snow. But back to 40's and 50's this week!

Katiebird, I finished reading Phillipe Petit's "To Reach the Clouds." Even though I had already seen the movie, I was worried he wasn't going to make it. Yikes, he barely got the line set before he started across! Thanks for the heads up on a good read.

Hey, Farf, Maria, Maryb and everyone who shows up later.

Have a splendiferous day.

Nicola Slade said...

Bono: A bacon butty(ie) (or sarnie): the most delectable snack God ever invented. Crisply fried bacon between two slices of bread (white bread that is, no wholemeal or granary stuff), lightly spread with butter according to taste. Sheer bliss!

Sarnie or buttie - a sandwich.

(Excuse me, even the thought of it is making me hungry...)

maryb said...

A - the cubbies won the division last year. They had the best record in the national league iirc. And ... still pooped out in the playoffs. :)

Conda V. Douglas said...

Pretty, pretty pics, Nancy. Well, we started our composter on Friday--it was 63 degrees, this morning it's snowing!

FARfetched said...

Hey all!

Lisa, Weekend Cinema fodder comes from a variety of places: a tech-writing list that's meant to be about anything else; various blogs; various friends or family members occasionally chuck something my way too. You'll be welcome to check out everything else, of course! Hope your family lunch goes (went) well…

Andi, I remember a Springer mix we once had who brought an empty turtle shell up to the house. He would also gnaw on full shells… probably to entertain himself as much as anything.

Maria, hope the headache goes away. You might want to look at Zoroastrian lore; I think the concept of angels came to Judeo-Christianity from that general direction.

Everyone, hope the day goess well for y'all… we're going to meet up with Daughter Dearest a little later to bring stuff she forgot to take with her, and maybe a little dinner.

AndiF said...

Mary, to call what they did "pooping out" is to insult poop everywhere. :(

bono, I'm sure it will be fine. The cold temps are fleeting. The dogs and I were quite grumpy about it and the daffs pretty much wimped out.

Farf, we had a dog that did the same thing -- every time I would throw that shell into the woods, she'd bring it back. It eventually bleached white. But she was never interested in a live tortoise.

And Farf, you made me think of the photo of Bebo. [LINK]

FARfetched said...

Surprise… Daughter Dearest came here! I threw all the stuff she was wanting in her car so it wouldn't get left here again.

Andi, Bebo looks like he's having a really good time there!

bono said...

Thanks, Nicola. I'm getting such an education here! lol

Andif, hopefully, that's not the same tortoise Bebo has in his mouth?! ;-)

How thoughtful of your daughter to save you a trip, Farf!

Lisa M said...

Nicky--I do love hearing all this slang. Bacon and butter on white bread--I'm feeling my arteries closing up. That is the best kinda food though. Here you'd order a BLT. Bacon, lettuce and Tomatoe sandwich.

I'm also like reading in the conservatory--sounds so much better than the den or even living room.
Definately a keeper if he's bringing you a cuppa.

Like the idea of the nest box. Out back a creek runs along the edge of our property. I have the most fun watching the red headed woodpecker and cardinals and chickadees and the fatest mourning doves you've ever seen at our feeder or on the ground in the back yard.

Glad to hear about such restful times.

Best time of the day is here- everyone has gone home. Meal was a big success. Leftovers went home with those that wanted. David's meat and my cake were quite good. I'm not sure I got any left over fruit. Lauren was packing that away for she and Sonboy to take home. That boy will take any food you'll give him. You should've seen the excitement in his eyes when one of his uncles sent a giant bag of tortilla chips home with him.
Hubby seemed pleased so that's all that counted.

A great evening to all. Nancy, here's hoping you get to make it to the next stop.