Sunday, March 8, 2009

Same landscape, different light

See the photo in yesterday's post. And when I saw them, they looked entirely different from any of these three. Instead of bright orange, or blinding white, or layered grey, they looked pretty and pastel in soft yellow, soft white, soft peach, and soft silver.


Nancy P said...

It was Boran2's interest in them as a painting subject that inspired me to show you different views. They really are spectacular.

Nancy P said...

Beth, you did realize that all the elements of your birthday party were made of cake? : D

Conda V. Douglas said...

What a fun story--I love these traveling tales...

boran2 said...

These are cool photos, Nancy. That really is a scenic spot.

AndiF said...

How spectacularly gorgeous. I think you should have your book release party there, Nanacy.

Well the Last Bits of Winter Monday Picture Post won't compete. It's just a reminder that when life gives [LINK]
you ice [LINK]
make ice capades [LINK]

But almost as spectacular is this great review Maria's book Matters of the Blood got at SFsite. [LINK]

Morning all.

Nancy P said...

In her debut novel, Maria Lima has created a terrific urban fantasy, a must-read for fans of the genre

Oh, what a lovely review, and that's just one line of several quotable ones. Happy sigh.

Hey, Conda!

Andi, that "ice pattern" photo is amazing. They look like old 45 records.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, peeps! Thanks AndiF for linking to that review. I'm very pleased with it. :)

Nancy, those views are amazing!

I'm barely awake, spent a mostly sleepless night sweating. Got to 78F yesterday, and I have no a/c yet (in a highrise) and my small fan seems to have vanished. I must go to Target today to remedy that.

Off to the mimes in a few...

Beth said...

No, I didn't, Nancy! How cool! Thanks again for the great day.

::adding this part of KS to my "must visit" list::

I love that second one, andi!

Sorry about the heat, Maria. Feast or famine!

Last game today, then sis and BIL head back to the Frozen North. Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

Kelly McCullough said...

Back from Convention land and plunging into the last (hopefully) week of the book.

Cool story with the sword swallower.


FARfetched said...

The mimes are crazy, as usual. Enjoying a little decompression at lunch.

Nancy, that's a fascinating place! It could be a scene in just about any genre.

Janet said...

Nancy, you got in a car with a strange circus dude? Who swallowed swords? And you went out into the Kansas "outback" with him? Were you trying to get "disappeared"? :)

I guess it's okay as I wanted to run away with the cirucs and almost did. I have my own Barnum & Baily tale to tell you one day.

Update: My mom made it through the week which means we have about 6 weeks. She's quit breathing several times and her co22 levels were high. End of Life directives chat with her have fallen in my lap apparently as none of her sisters stepped up to the plate. Doctor had me bring my kids up to say goodbye Wednesday as they weren't sure how downhill she'd go. Not much to report really. Just that everything about this sucks.

BUT... I went through a storage unit with my grandfather and we found a partial photo album of my baby pictures and an old HS yearbook of mine. Found our christmas ornaments that we all made together. So that's a plus.

I've been running up to Centralia, WA and back as much as I can while working. I'm extremely burnt out and got a brave face painted on which means as soon as I'm in the car alone I break down like a little girl. I kinda feel like a little girl actually. Lost in a huge store. I dunno, I'm a bit of a mess and don't mean to plop a big one here.

But I am enjoying the photos Nancy.

Congratulations Maria!!! I would love to order an autographed copy from you soon.

FARfetched said...

Janet, it wasn't as dire as your situation, but Mrs. Fetched was recently shuttling from the manor to Decatur nearly daily, taking care of her sister's business while she was in the hospital. Fortunately, that's all behind us now… the sister is home, and well enough to get on Mrs. Fetched's nerves.

My uncle was getting at-home hospice care a couple years ago… we were there when he died. What reminded me of that was your mention of a photo album — my mom found his, it was very well organized & annotated by his (by then, long ex-)wife.

Hope the directives chat goes (or went) well. I can imagine that would be stressful on you both.

AndiF said...

Janet, thanks for stopping by and bringing us up to date. I'm sorry that things have been so hard for you. Sending you all the good vibes I can.

bono said...

Do they light the monument(s) at night or is that just sunset reflection? Spectacular.

Janet, I can relate to feeling like a little girl. I felt like an orphan when my mom died, even though I was out of college. Sending good thoughts your way.
Still sending good thoughts Lisa's way for her immersion into the world of publishing.

Nice pix, Andif. I'm particularly intrigued by the second one.

Congrats on the great review, Maria!!

Have a good evening everyone. Celebrating sunshine and (relatively) warm temps here. I like this longer daylight in the evening. :-)

Kelly McCullough said...


maryb said...


That lost in the big store feeling really sucks. I'm glad you came and told us about it. Come back often.

Beth said...

Big hugs, Janet. The next few weeks will be rough - do what you have to to take care of yourself, and your mom. You know we're all out here when you need us.

Nancy P said...

Janet, everybody has said it so well. Hearts are with you.

Diana said...

It's hard to describe the wonder I felt when I saw those rocks. The felt so ancient, and I felt so alone out there, standing with them. It made me wonder how many blocks of time those rocks stood without ever seeing a human, with no one to appreciate them.

Nancy P said...

Hi, Diana. That's a wonderful description of the feeling of standing beside them. They have really stayed with me this week.