Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Caldwell, Kansas today

One hundred and thirty years later, give or take a few, things are quieter on the trail, too.


Nancy P said...

I've found a new "smallest library." Today I visited a one-room library in Sedan. The two-room library is in Richmond, and the three-room library is in Grainfield. Cute as buttons. Buttons with books.

Night, y'all.

Kelly McCullough said...

All buttons should have books.

Awake when I shouldn't be, sigh. One more day and the book will be off my plate for a month or so and my stress levels will fall to near zero. Hopefully that will translate into more sleep.

Kelly McCullough said...

Oh, and from the thread that is about to be yesterday's:

Hugs for Beth.

Congrats for Maria.

Happy B-day wishes to Lisa's Mr.

Happy trails wished for Nancy's travels.

Good vibes and halllooos for everyone else.

AndiF said...

Little libraries make my heart go pitty-pat. When I was a kid our neighborhood library was in a little house with squeaky wooden floors, high windows, and bookshelves that went up forever. It had its own perfect smell of books, wood, and old. Sitting down on the floor, nestled in a bookshelf canyon, reading and forgetting that there was anyone or anything else in the world was the most glorious way to spend an afternoon. I was so sad when they replaced it with a great, big, 50s modern glass-and-steel building. So lucky you, Nancy.

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Andi--Never say you can't write.
I can see that young girl nestled in those bookshelf canyons cradling a book in her lap.

Kelly--Glad you are so close to the end of this round with the book. Throw the insomnia wand as far as you can.

Nancy--I'm seeing a childrens book in your future--Buttons with Books.
Adventures in a tiny library.

Hubby and I went to neat restaurant--Genghis Grill. You get to pick all your meat, veggies, the starch-rice, noodles and sauces that they grill on this rotating round grill.
Very yum. Fast food with a twist.
Actually quite healthy.
Hubby now wants to create his own honey soy sauce.

Farf--Exerbike?? You are incredible. I'm slumped in my chair thinking about needing to exercise. You Go Guy!!!

Got about half an inch of rain yesterday--Woohoo. Think others to the east got much more violent weather. Spring has sprung.

Looking forward to Weekend Thursday.

Great day everyone.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, peeps! Rain here, too, Lisa.

Nancy, I love the idea of these mini-libraries tucked away for readers to find. Something so special and intimate about them.

I've officially started writing Book the Fourth, albeit slowly. Still working out the taste of it in my mind.

Terrific Thursday to all!

olivia said...

Oh Nancy ... you have to do something w/ all these wonderful things you're learning.

olivia said...

Morning everyone!

Anonymous said...

Found a surprise signal at my adopted parents' house, so sneaking on for a minute. Cold slowly getting better. Back home tonight, then back on the road tomorrow or Saturday. Basketball tonight!!

Thanks for the hugs. I guess I need to get a tougher skin - or be more selective as to who I trust. Sigh.

Yay to Kelly for lowering stress levels, Maria for starting #4, Farf for exercising, Lisa for rain and new restaurants, O for her wonderful pictures elsewhere, and andi for library memories. And Nancy for us all being here!

The town I went to college in - Canton, NY - had a great small brick library. I remember the smell of the old books more than anything, and the sun streaming in the tall windows.

Thanks for taking us on your trip, Nancy. Makes me want to check out some of these towns on my next cross-country trip.

Off and running - have a great day, everyone!

FARfetched said...

Hey all! The insomnia wand must have landed in my water glass last night, because I had to get up 4 or 5 times. Riding the Evil Exerbike may have contributed as well; curiously, late-evening exercise has a way of increasing your energy level. I considered just getting up for a while.

The exerbike is Evil because it monitors your heart rate and adjusts the resistance to keep it in the aerobic (85% max) range… no slacking allowed. The first couple of minutes are pretty rough while it's cranking up your pulse. I gotta do this 1) to lose weight; 2) to avoid keeling over with a blockage or stroke X years down the road. High BP & cholesterol suck.

Nancy, those little libraries sound pretty cool… I just wonder how much selection they can fit in there. ;-) I agree with Olivia, you'll have to work them into a book somehow.

Maria, Lisa, we got rain here too. Lots of it (multiple inches), and lots more to come. It seems to have stopped for the moment, though. Probably ought to slip out to the phone interface box, I can twiddle the screw terminals & take out some of the hum.

Back to the mimes at home. I need to go out &

AndiF said...

Looks like rain is the theme of the day. It's been raining here (though the sun is out now) and all sorts of green things have started sprouting on the forest floor. ::does happy dance but is careful not to step on new little growing things::

Lisa, I can manage a decent sentence or two; it's doing 5,000-10,000 of them that's the problem. But thanks.

Kelly McCullough said...

Hi all, stop.
Hope all is well with you, stop.
Done with beta, stop.
Collapsing now, stop.
Back later, stop.

Lisa M said...


Drinks for everyone.

boran2 said...

I'm glad to see that at least some of the old buildings are still standing.

Kelly has now taken to writing telegrams I see. ;-)

Go Far! I've got a recumbent stationary bike that I've been using again lately.

Raining here now but at least it's not snow.

bono said...

Not enough rain here. Planted grass seed and need a good soaking rain to get it started.

lol, Lisa, you are correct, I don't travel enough, especially lately. Hope to start making up for that this summer (if gas prices don't increase too much). Feeling the itch to travel. Missing the coast in New England. (big sigh)

Nancy, I love the idea of a children's book re: books and buttons. And I agree with Boran2, you could do a killer travel Kansas book.

Congrats, Kelly on book. And congrats, Farf on doing something good for the bod. Be careful not to overdo it, especially at the beginning.

Looking forward to the weekend. One more day. :-)

Nancy P said...

Andy, that library sounds like heaven for a book-loving child.

Hey, everybody!

Kelly gets to STOP!