Friday, March 6, 2009

Parrot Head Birthday Party!

Happy birthday to our very own Parrot Head, Beth!


Nancy P said...

Shh! Nobody wish her happy birthday until 12:01 est!

I posted this early, 'cause I don't think I can stay awake any longer. I had a wonderful day.

Today, a sword swallower took me on a ride on the ocean floor. True story.

Home tomorrow in time for marquaritas (I never can spell that)and parrots and burgers made of cake.

Maria Lima said...


Hope you'll have a great Margaritaville kind of day...or at least get a great cheeseburger. ::g::

I'm off to bed after 2000 wordsish and just about to hit the home stretch. As I was writing tonight, I discovered a fascinating thing about one of my characters...a HUGE reveal. So cool!

Sweet dreams to anyone that's behind me and good morning to those of you that will wake up much earlier than me. :)

FARfetched said...

Happy Birthday, Beth! I have no tequila in the house, so I raise a glass of rum to your continued health… and what would a writer's b-day be without wishes for a book deal?

Um, Nancy… a ride on the ocean floor? In Kansas? Could you kind of expand on that one?

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Beth! I hope the Birthday Fairy has not been downsized or outsourced and is able to bring you your very bestest wishes.


I like that, it's almost a portmanteau of the cocktail and its operative ingredient. :)

AndiF said...

Happy Birthday, Beth.

Everybody some cake and ice cream.

Glorious Beth Birthday morning to all.

katiebird said...

♫♬♪ ♫♬ ♬

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday DEAR BE...TH,
Happy Birthday to you!!
(And many more….)



Lisa M said...


Great day and great YEAR for you!!

Slept in a bit later, today is one on one with senior agent here Caryn Wiseman. She's looking for multicultural and I hear she's very nice and great from two people that are in critique group with her.

My first critique group was with Andrea Brown--the big cheese of the program and agency. I liked her advice for me so far. She gave each group member homework. She suggested I make chapter 1 a prologue and shorten it to three pages. We talked about my concern that maybe Ch. 2 should be my first chapter but I felt compelled to start with a bang to get the reader's attention.
She suggested I read Chapter 2 to my second group as Ch. 1 and get feedback as such from them.

So today will be very interesting. My second critque group will be led by Melissa Manlove an editor.

Nancy, before I went in to critique group with Andrea I felt your pat on the shoulder and I remembered to breathe.
Thanks SO MUCH for all the good Karma guys!!!!

Sensational Saturday to All.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, everyone, for all of the sweet birthday (and margarita) wishes! We will definitely be drinking tequila tonight - my friends are having a BBQ for me, and have invited my sis and BIL. After the baseball game, that is!

You all have made me smile this morning - thank you! Big loving hugs to you all.

Yay Maria for the reveal - and yay Lisa for all the great input, and being open to suggestions, and meeting some amazing people. Yippee!

Off to hit my own WIP - from your lips to an agent's ears, Farf!


Kelly McCullough said...

Happy Birthday, Beth!

Nancy, late Cretacious interior sea? Smoky hill chalk fossils?

bono said...

Happy Birthday, Beth! And a wish for many more. Good luck with your WIP.

Sounds like a great time, Lisa. Looking forward to hearing more good news.

Nancy, you are still in Kansas? A sword swallower? Can't wait to hear the rest of the story. Have a safe journey home.

Yay, Maria. Hey, everyone. Enjoy your Saturday. It's warm here!!! :-D

maryb said...

Happy Birthday Beth! I'll pass on the Margerita (tequila started giving me weird dreams a few years ago) but I'll share the cake.

olivia said...

Happy Birthday Beth!

Conda V. Douglas said...

Happy B'day, Beth! Celebrate, celebrate! Remember, your birthday is a "free calorie" zone...

Nicola Slade said...

No tequila here but I'll toast your birthday in Pinot Grigio, Beth - hope it's a good year to come.
Drinking alone as my nearest and dearest is out tonight, serving Real Ale on a heritage steam train! (That's Real Ale, proper beer as drunk by Real Men (or so they claim), none of your feeble chilled lagers for them!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone for the BD wishes - it's been a great day! The Sox lost, but who can complain about 80 degrees and partly cloudy? Then a big dinner with my sis and BIL and friends I'm staying with - wine, lots of munchies, pork tenderloin, tomato pie, potato casserole, asparagus - and chocolate cherry cake with 5 candles (they didn't want to alarm the fire department). And lots of friends sending good wishes - it was a great way to celebrate that landmark day. Hope everyone else had as great of a you all!