Saturday, March 14, 2009

Taken by an elf

To get this photo, Andi had to shrink herself down to elf-size, then lie on her back on the wet grass, and aim up. I swear.


FARfetched said...

But, but… if she was elf size, how could she work the camera?

AndiF said...

Jeez Farf, are you questioning Nancy's veracity or just my immense abilities?!?

Morning all.

Anonymous said...

It's an elf-sized camera, Farf! You think they're limited to making cookies?

Foggy morning, all. A friend is arriving from the Frozen North this afternoon for a week's visit. I'll check in as I can. Gumbo contest and seafood festival today, for starters. And basketball. And the Keys on Monday!

So I'm going to enjoy a little down time this morning before heading to the airport. Hope everyone has a peaceful weekend!

Lisa M said...

Nancy with the power to morph others. What fun.

Andi--Bows to you of immense photog magic.

Beth--You crack me up. Think that travel wand you threw musta been a boomerang.
The Keys on Monday!!!
Enjoy time with friend. Seafood festival and Gumbo--Major Yum.

I'm off to Cherokee and our property tomorrow for a couple of days. My "cabin" in the hill country ain't the Keys but ya dance with who ya brung.

Sensational Saturday to All.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, peeps! I'm about to go bury my head in the book and concentrate on getting to the magic words: The End.

Send me mojo?

Happy Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Aha, Lisa, so THAT'S the problem!! ::bends wand over knee and tries to straighten it out::

Enjoy your country haven - Key West at spring break doesn't quite qualify as 'peaceful.' But it'll be good, either way.

Major mojo heading your way, Maria!!

Lisa M said...

Major MOJO for Maria!!!

Spring Break--The Keys--Beth you're much braver than I thought.

Sonboy left for California Spring Break yesterday. Called from Albuquerque, NM late last night. Hubby worries and wants frequent checkins. Major road trip. Sonboy and roommate are young, energetic guys. I just want them to have fun. Plenty of time for stodgy real life.

boran2 said...

What some people will do for a photo!

Major mojo Maria!

Kelly McCullough said...

Morning all, packing today, and prepping the house for trip mode.

Maria, here's some book finishing mojo--at the moment I've got lots.

Boran, from yesterday, thanks, hope you enjoy it.

FarF, also from yesterday, cool, Egyptian is one of the mythos structure I've been looking at in case there are more WebMage books post primary series. Not likely anytime soon, but certainly, possible.

Maria Lima said...


I just typed: THE END!

Now, it's off to my betas and I'm going to settle down to watch some movies.


bono said...

Congrats, Maria! Have nice trip, Kelly, Beth & Lisa.

Thanks, Nicola. Big smile imagining HRH throwing a hissy fit. :-)

Enjoying the sun & mild temps here. Cue Etta James soundtrack, "At Last."

JimF said...

"At Last" indeed!

No warm temps, but warming, but no students except those I see at the ice rink for a week.