Thursday, March 12, 2009

A nice cuppa for Kelly!

You've earned it, Kelly!


Nancy P said...

Wow, Kelly. Just wow.

Beth? Have you seen what happened in the Big 12?? As a local writer said, it's upsidedown.

katiebird said...

I'm so happy for Kelly (and now the long wait....)

Nancy, I don't know what happened. Usually if I forget about a game KU does just fine.

Nancy P said...

lol, kb. Well, at least now we know whom to blame.

maryb said...

awwwww poooor Kansas. :)

and Oklahoma :)

Go Tigers!

Congrats Kelly!

Anonymous said...

Yay Kelly! That cuppa looks SO yummy...

Just watched Syracuse beat UConn in a record SIX overtimes!! Good thing I don't have to get up early. And more games tom...I mean later today.

Yep, saw that, Nancy. Did you watch any of the games? March Madness is going to be interesting this year...Selection Sunday coming up!! Who knows who will be dancing...

Night all...I'll check in later...

Nicola Slade said...

Excellent news, Kelly. A cuppa is the perfect reward.

Bono - Bunging means, um, to shove something into something else in a hasty manner. Does that make sense? As in: I bunged some cat food in the cat's dish and stuck it in front of him; ie done in a hurry. (Not sure that's any clearer!)Something done quickly and not too carefully.

It's also used to describe handing someone a bribe, thus: I bunged him some cash to keep quiet.

Like Churchill said: Two nations divided by a single language!

AndiF said...

Mazel tov, Kelly!! Now that's out of the way, you can just glide on through [LINK] the rest of your life. Right? ;)

Anybody wanna talk about IU's horrible season? I've been finding the statewide angst over it pretty amusing.

Morning all.

AndiF said...

Oh I forgot. FM was back posting last night at BT and now he's got a post up at his place.

Lisa M said...

The Bball I see just flicked by in the highlights on the early morning news.
Not much of a fan. But Hook em Horns and Go Baylor. Sorry KSU,KU fans.

Nicky--I LOVE your explaination. I was clueless too. My international vocab builds.

Andi--I forgot to take my camera on one walk in Monterey when these two Canadian geese were crossing the street stopping traffic right beside me. Just ambling across no need to hurry. I'll try to finish downloading pics and post them. I've been EXHAUSTED this week.

Friday and it's Spring Break!!!!
Yahooooo. A good cuppa sounds like a perfect way to celebrate.

Maria Lima said...

Morning! Pass that cuppa over and I'll (ahem) enhance it a wee bit. ::g::

Off to the mimes, trying to keep my sanity today. My buddy Jason is going to do my new author photos this evening. He's got all the cool equipment. Let's hope I don't look like death warmed over.

Expecting snow today, go figure. This weather is teh crazeee.

but...FRIDAY!!! And If things work out, BLOOD KIN will be done by Sunday. ::fingers crossed that life doesn't toss me any more surprises::

Anonymous said...

I spent 6 years in London before I was 18. When I came back to the States, it took years to figure out which words I used were British - a person would stare at me dumbstruck and I'd think, "Okay, that one's not American."

Andi, there are a bunch of teams that folks are scratching their heads over. One of the reasons I love college hoops - never boring! Great games later today - guess I'd better get my chores done early.

Have a great Friday, everyone! And continue the celebration, Kelly!

Dina said...

Hi, all. Congratulations to Kelly. Lifting a cuppa.

Kelly McCullough said...

Thanks, everyone, very much appreciated. Yay, tea! The tea looks lovely, and as soon as I'm sure I can operate the device for heating water I'm going to make a pot of Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl, because that's the fanciest tea I have at the moment, stocks having run low with the current book marathon.

Andi, thanks for goose....

Maria, good luck, looking forward to congratulating you on completion in a couple of days, or possibly when I get back from AZ since I expect to mostly be off net. I'd preemptively congratulate, but that's flies in the face of writer superstition.

Beth, speaking of AZ, I think I forgot to respond to something you said a couple of days back--no cactus ball for us. Mostly planning on lounging and soaking up sun and doing as little as two sets of enthusiastic parents will let us get away with.

KB, yep, speed of publishing is...special.

Okay returning to bouncing off the ceiling now. Back soon.

Kelly McCullough said...

Oops, supposed to be thanks for "the" goose--though thanks for goosing me, might have conveyed the implied joke better...uh-oh, brain already shifting into edit mode.


Nicola Slade said...

Just churned out 3000 words today to get more action into the thing. And have noticed that Beatles post - hmm, never that bothered about them. In 1986 we were in LA and a waitress said: 'Gee I love your accents, you sound just like the Beatles!' We were gobsmacked, given that none of us came from anywhere near Liverpool and that I can sound a bit like the Queen when I'm in a strop!

bono said...

Congrats on the word count today, Nicola. And thank you for the explanation. I get it now. But, strop? lol
Per online dictionary:
a leather strap for sharpening razors [Greek strophos cord]"

No sports fan here. Always glad to hear if/when the Buckeyes do well.

Have a great trip, Kelly. Hey, Farf, wherever you are.

I'm with Maria. Hooray, it's Friday!! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!!

Nicola Slade said...

Strop, Bono? It's a tantrum, a paddy, a hissy fit - not that the queen would indulge but when I do, I sound like her Maj!

Lisa M said...

Gobsmacked--I love that one.
Seen plenty of hissy fits today.
Students are always a bit crazed as a holiday is about to begin.

Spring BREAK. Unscheduled bum time. Woohoo.

Beth, I appreciate your sports enthusiasm.

Maria--Hope picture taking goes well and the end finds you this weekend.

I've got to find my brain and some energy to start another editing pass.

Waves to KB, Nancy, maryB, Dina, Kelly, and BONO.
Fabulous Friday evening to all.

boran2 said...

Congratulations again, Kelly. I'm looking forward to the next one.

Evening all.

FARfetched said...

Hm. Not the first time I've had a comment eaten. 'Tis what I get for trying to post from an iPhone at lunch.

Apropos for Kelly, I've loaned out all three of my paperbacks to a friend. He was talking about mixing Egyptian myths into a fantasy… "hey dude, I got something you might be interested in…"

This is "doing taxes" weekend, so I'm probably going to be scarce… and unless Olga wakes up and starts cracking the whip, not much writing going on. But I've been drinking far far too much to care at this moment. Mrs. Fetched is pretty well affixed to the lounge chair at the moment, with a combination of rum & chickflick, so all's right with the world. ;-)