Sunday, March 29, 2009

before the snow

Remember the photo below with the wooden swing and the spring flowers? This photo is from the same back yard at the little b&b in Newton where I stayed on Thursday night. The owner is a photographer; her brother is the sculptor of this and other works on the grounds.

I made it to my gig in Junction City today! The weather got better, instead of worse.


Nancy P said...

Home again and glad to be here at last, though it was another wonderful trip. This is the last of my major Kansas tours. Now I'll have one more short one, then a scattered handful of appearances, and then I can settle down to. . .uh, what do you call it? WRITE!. . .again.

AndiF said...

One result of your tour -- I'm convinced that Kansas is full of fantastic bed-and-breakfasts (and chicken fried steak). It's been really fun doing this tour vicariously with you. Thanks for taking us along.

This little homebody has more constrained choices for her photos for the Monday Picture Post. It may be spring but the woods ...

still look like this [LINK]

so looking down [LINK]

is where I find pictures [LINK]

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Nancy, Traveling is fun but being back home is soooo good. Safe and sound--Yeah.

Just like having family over and celebrating with big meal is wonderful--everyone gone home is fabulous.

I am shocked that it's almost April. This year is flying by.
Need to get more in the moment. Doing too much wishing for the weekend or something in the future.
Need to enjoy the here and now more. Breathe deep and reflect on what it is I love about my job and life.

Maria hope you are feeling better.

Beth--waves to you. Are you headed home from family?

Bono--Thanks for your always upbeat attitude and attention to detail.

Farf--glad DD could save you a trip. Hope the singed spots are healing fine.

Andi--Bebo and shell's a bit creepy. But water is always a favorite. The last picture reminds me of the vegetation on the shields and crests in England. Similar to the thistle of Ireland.

Marvelous Monday to All.

FARfetched said...

Andi, I think you're more than looking down on that last pic, no? Wet belly?

Nancy, glad to have you home! But I figured you'd be doing a little writing on the road?

Hey Lisa… "everyone gone home is fabulous" — LOL, I know that feeling! Agree about April almost here. One of our dogwoods is jumping the gun here; they usually bloom around April 1. Last year, they were about two weeks late due to the clinging winter conditions.

Well, off to the mimes. Hope Monday goes better than expected for everyone… especially Maria.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, everyone. Thanks for the good wishes. Still a bit headachy but must off to mimes. A short week for me this week as I'm off to Boston on Thursday for a get-together--part fannish, part just fun.

Hoping these 3 days go well.

::waves to everyone::

Anonymous said...

Morning, all! One last day with the fam, then driving home tomorrow. Then I'm home for two glorious weeks - still desperately trying to rid myself of the traveling wand, but it seems to have Velcroed itself to me!

Welcome home, Nancy! Thanks for taking us with you on your tour of beautiful B&Bs. I always want to stay in them, but never do. Guess I should change my traveling practices...

Non-frantic Monday wishes to everyone. Off to continue working jigsaw puzzles with my aunt.

Kelly McCullough said...

Beta went out Thursday. Housecleaning Friday. Weekend doing fun spouse stuff. Taxes today and then Freedom! And a chance to catch up on people and news and all sorts of stuff. Woohoo! Back after taxes.

Waves wildly to everyone.

bono said...

Welcome home, Nancy! The sculpture in that picture reminded me of the series in the Cleveland Public Library Reading Garden -
which look like this
sort of

Nice Monday pix, Andif. The toothwart is up and ready to bloom! I like the second one. It somehow reminds me of reptile skin.

We only had a scattering of snow last night so the daffodils which are just about ready to open are OK. (whew) I'd hate it if they bit the dust before I was able to see them in full regalia.

The party sounds like a success, Lisa. Glad y'all had a good time.

Have a wonderful week. Lucky Maria only has a 3 day week.

mrs.gardner said...

Hi Nancy, I am about 200 pages in to 'The Vigin' and loving it. Actually what brought me here was '...Catie logged onto' pg. 202 and I wondered, hmm is that a real website? Sure enough. I cannot wait to find out what happens.


Nancy P said...

Andi, I esp. love the "ripple" photo.

Almost April, you say, Lisa? I jolted awake about 3 a.m., thinkig, TAXES.

Far, I did NO writing on the road. Just couldn't mix the extrovert speaker with the introvert writer, I guess.

Nancy P said...

Maria, you so deserve some days off and fun!

Beth, I tended to avoid B&B's, too, because I was under the impression they were more expensive than decent motels, but it turns out that around here, they're not. I also thought I'd feel crowded, but I did not--probably because I was usually the only customer!

Nancy P said...

And several times I had an entire B&B to myself, because the owners live elsewhere.

Nancy P said...

Kelly, you've finished the book AND you're going to have finished your taxes? If I weren't so fond of you, I'd have to hate you!

Bono, thanks for the links. I'll look them up as soon as I finish typing here. :)

mrs.gardener, welcome! BUT ohmygod, I had no idea my fictional website would end up linking to my actual website! Honestly, this is news to me, and it is so weird! How in the world. . .? Thank you so much for coming here and saying that!

Nancy P said...

bono, I couldn't get the links to link, but I googled images from that garden. I've never seen any sculptures quite like those--they have a cartoonish air that's interesting.

Nancy P said...

p.s. on the front page, I've added another sculpture from the b&b garden.

Kelly McCullough said...

What can I say, OCD boy here, and Dr.McC makes me look sloppy and disorganized by comparison.

maryb said...

Lol - when I was reading Virgin I wanted to check to see if the website was real - but I was reading it on vacation and had no internet access. And then I forgot. Now we know.

I loved that you included that in the novel.

I've always thought someone could write a whole novel made up of blog interactions. The drama ...

FARfetched said...

Yay, home, and working from home tomorrow! Today I learned (the hard way) that the indexing scripts I use don't play well with accented text… got a little hacking to do tomorrow.

Nancy, don't feel bad about not getting any writing done. I don't know if I'd do any better; I'd probably be too worn out to write much, doing a road trip like yours.

Now off to continue the tax stuff myself… hope supper magically appears shortly.

Lisa M said...

Nancy, thanks for mentioning the added picture. I was thinking I was really sleepy this morning and missed it.

Mrs. Garder--Kristin It was Virgin that brought me to Nancy too. Ya know that sounds bizarre. Anyway--she's a very nice lady. Now the rest of us on the blog are an interesting assortment from all over.Come back and visit again.

Bono--glad the daffs didn't get offed by the cold. You deserve some blooming beauty.

MaryB--I'm thinking a short story strictly from spam filters. Those subject lines are something else.

Waves to Kelly and Farf.

Good evening to all.

boran2 said...

Glad to hear that you're finally home, Nancy. It looks like it was a fun trip.

Snow! We had a thunderstorm last night and rather heavy hale. Thankfully it didn't last too long.

Good luck with the taxes, Far. We're about done. We have to pay this year. Ugh.

Nancy P said...

I still can't get over that an unreal blog address connects to my real website. Anybody have any idea how that could happen??

Hi, Maryb.

Kelly, you're scaring me.

Lisa, I'm trying to make you think you're crazy. Succeeding, too!

Hey, b2!

mrs.gardner said...

Nancy, I finished the book! Excellent, 5 stars!! Okay, this is how I got here from I went to 'calendar,' towards the top right there is a 'Nancy's Blog' link. So is that a major oops that your fictional website links to your real blog? I think that's a little funny, but it might not be to you! Thanks for the welcome :)

Nancy P said...

Thank you, Mrs.G! I'm so happy you liked it.

But here's the thing. . . I don't *have* a fictional website. And I don't have a website called All I have is my real website,, which does link here.

That's the mystery. . .that you put in the name of a website that doesn't actually exist. . .it took you to my real website. . .and that led you here.

I'm thinking there is a possibility that my friend. . .our good friend here, katiebird. . .might have reserved that name way back at the beginning. When her poor shoulder feels better, we can ask her. That might solve the mystery.

Anyway, I'm glad you're here, and I'm delighted to get 5 stars. :)

Nancy P said...

Andi, it was the blond, current boyfriend, the one who played Lem on The shield. He was so cute, saying, "man," about every three words. "How ya doin', man?" Kiss. I mentioned the kiss?