Sunday, March 1, 2009

What elves eat

Mossy Trunk, by Andif


AndiF said...

Somehow I can't see Orlando Bloom chowing down on that. ;)

Things are hard all over so today it's Creek Rocks Monday Morning Picture Post.

Under ice [LINK]

Under water [LINK]

Under nothing [LINK]

Good story, Farf.

Hope everyone in the east is dealing with the snow okay.

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Love the elf meal picture.
Love rubbing e-elbows with such creative people--writers and nonwriters alike.

I miss Nancy.
We have plenty of gab among us but when the central core is missing for too long, we begin sagging a bit.

Marvelous Monday to All.

Lisa M said...

Andi--You know I love water and rocks. So what's not to LOVE.

As always I appreciate your keeping me in touch with nature.
I'm telling myself I am calm, but the upcoming workshop has me hunkered down vibrating.

Appreciate you lady.

Maria Lima said...

Moss? Perhaps as a sprinkling on the pizza... ::g::

We're all over snow here, and still snowing. Expected 4-6 inches which is not a lot for some, but for DC area it's insane. Nothing's plowed yet so I'm not taking my life in my hands and am working from home today.


Happy Monday?

FARfetched said...

laugh… snow north, south, and east of here. They have over an inch in Atlanta. And at FAR Manor? Clear. And cold. Forecast is 19F for tonight, 71F for Friday. Maybe I'll finally get in my first ride to work this week.

Thanks, Andi. I liked Lisa's at least as well as mine though.

katiebird said...

(eyes closed) coffee....

Do elves drink coffee?

Nancy P said...

Waves at peeps!

I'm here, with some time before I leave for a couple of libraries, about 50 and 75 miles away respectively. (Kbird--Ottawa and Richmond.) Tomorrow I'll start another 11 libraries in 11 towns tour. Strange to have two of those, but this one is different in that I'll do all those 11 towns in only four days instead of 11. I'll be back on Saturday.

katiebird said...

I'm still immersed in old-school-ties....

I grew up in a tiny-back-water area a little north of San Francisco. I went all the way from kindergarten through 7th grade with the same kids. At the very end of 7th grade we moved to Kansas and I never saw them again. My closest friends all scattered within a year of our move and there just wasn't any way to get in touch after that.

But I was poking around FaceBook looking at the list of kids who went to the High School I would have gone to and a girl with an unusual name showed up.

So, I sent her a message and we've been communicating all weekend. It's been so fun! My siblings are enough younger than me that they don't remember the kids I knew. So this is the first time EVER that I've had someone who could say, "remember when ...."

It's making me a little teary....

Nancy P said...

katiebird, that's nice. . .
Hands you kleenex.

katiebird said...

Thanks, Nancy.

I hope your libraries are fun.

Kelly McCullough said...

waves vaguely, vanishes into the mist

Conda V. Douglas said...

Yum? Well at least a gorgeous pic. And I agree with Lisa M--I miss Nancy too!

Jen said...

11 libraries in 11 towns tour

That sounds pretty groovy, I hope you have a great time and get to meet some lovely readers.

Aww, Katiebird, what sweet nostalgia.

Lisa M said...

Nancy, tighten your seatbelt and have a wonderful whirlwind trip.

FARfetched said...

Sounds grueling, Nancy! I hope they give you something more nutritious (and tastier) than moss to eat on that 11-in-four trip!

bono said...

Well, I gotta say, I've never wondered what elves eat, but now I know. lol

Cool pix, Andif. Are they all the same spot in the stream?

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. You are going to do great. Just remember to breathe.

Nancy, you've been on some ride this winter. Reminds me of that Rick Nelson tune (with adapted lyrics):

"She's a travelin' gal
Making stops on a whirlwind tour
And in every town she owns the heart
of librarians that's for sure.

She's a travelin gal
yes, a travelin' gal"

Waves hello to everyone.

AndiF said...

Wow Nancy, if Kansas has Medal of Honor, they definitely should award it to you.

bono, the first two are near each other. The last one is in an entirely different place.

boran2 said...

Is that what elves eat? Oh my. Good evening all.

I've got to go out and shovel some of our abundant snowfall. Ugh. Isn't winter over yet?