Sunday, March 22, 2009

Daffy dog

Photo by Andif


Nancy P said...

No photo from me today; maybe tomorrow. On the spur of the mo I led a kind of cool writing exercise during a workshop today. We were at a library, and I grabbed a painting from their picture-lending section. I showed it to the class and asked them put themselves--or a character-- into the painting and imagine what they might smell, hear, touch, taste, see. What they came up with was so cool and surprising--it amounted to words that hinted at a story. It was doing it in a group that made it work--because they took each other by surprise by noticing things that others didn't see. Eye-opening. For me, anyway. We might do that sometime, if you're up for it.

Beth. . .Mizzou and Kansas and Oklahoma are moving on, woo! How are your teams doing?

Lisa, lovely photo-memories!

AndiF said...

Sounds like a great time, Nancy. Continuing happy travels.

A few moments of silence for Evansville (my old school) who got clobbered in first round of the women's tourney.

... Okay. Now on to the Watery Monday Picture Post.

Nancy criss-crossing Kansas. [LINK]

Got a few wrinkles to iron out? [LINK]

Movie pitch: High Noon meets Waterworld [LINK]

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Nancy--don't ya love it when you come up with something spur of the moment and it works so well!!

Wipes a tear away as the Horns beat the dust--shakes fist at Blue Devils.
Nancy you can have my go team for yours.
I'm a fan of underdogs.

Andi--Wonderful Water Pics--Nancy criss-crossing is my favorite although High Noon is a HOOT.
Waves to Jim having to go back to work too.

Waves to Beth, Maria, Farf and all to stop by.

Marvelous Monday to All.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, peeps!! Had a BLAST at VA Festival - actually, mostly during the trip there and back again. Buddy C and I started plotting out 2 novels, which we plan to co-write - pitch to agent first, of course.

I've started jotting down the prelim notes for Blood #4. All in all - a good weekend, though much too speedy.

Off to the mimes! Marvelous Monday to all.

Anonymous said...

Morning, all! Love the pictures - I miss wandering in the woods. Spent the weekend on the couch, fighting this bug. Not feeling any better, though. Looks like another down day for me. Since there's no BB, maybe I'll get some work done between naps.

My teams all survived (Gonzaga, Syracuse, Duke and UNC - sorry about your Horns - they played a great game, Lisa)! Yay for your guys, Nancy - on to the Sweet 16! Hard to remember how young these kids really are...

Hope it's a great Monday for all!

maryb said...

Thought Mizzou was going to blow it in the second half. whew. And my office "luck of the draw" pick is Syracuse. So I'm still interested.

FARfetched said...

Morning! checks clock Oh, never mind.

I got to poke a little bit at FAR Future this weekend, which is more than I'd expected to do. I'm about three or four ep's short of doing the All Done Dance (basically, one night of Kelly/Maria-level productivity)… looks like around 100 episodes total, and #78 just went up this morning. I've also settled on my next writing project, an idea that's been kicking around in my head since 1986 or so and is finally getting enough oomph to start trickling out of my head. Dunno if I'll serialize it on the blog or not, although I reserve that right especially if I get stuck & need an incentive to push forward.

Nancy, that sounds like a great exercise. I've done something similar solo, but your group thing sounds like more fun. Then there was Jack Skillingstead, in this month's Asimov's, who said he heard the weather guy slip up and say "it's going to be a human day" instead of "humid day," and ended up with a story called "Human Day."

Condolences to all whose teams are out of contention… you'll get 'em next year, right?

Back to the mimes. Here's my pick, here's my keyboard, hi ho, hi ho… waving byebye

Anonymous said...

Syracuse is pretty strong, Maria - they have a great shot, if they stay healthy. And avoid any more 6 OT games!!

I worked at SU in the early 80's, and one of my co-workers was the "Orange." So they hold a special spot in my heart...

Kelly McCullough said...

Hallooo! One more week of push on the book to get the beta draft off to first readers and then I'll be able to think about non-book stuff again, so yay.

FarF, congrats on being so close to completion it's such a simultaneously fabulous and stressful place to be.

bono said...

Ummm, I think Daffy is a duck and that's Bebo in the pic. ;-)

Great pix, Andif. I especially like the crisscross and the wrinkles. I really the colors in both and how the ripples bend the reflections of the trees. Way cool.

The Buckeye Boys are out of the tournament but I think the Buckeye Girls are still in. You go, girls!

Sending good thoughts to Farf to help him finish the book.

Monday is down, that means only 4 days until the weekend! :-D

boran2 said...

Happy travels, Nancy!

Another great photo, Andi.

I can't wait to read the new book, Kelly.

I'll have to read the new installment, Far.

Nancy P said...

Hi, everybody. Sorry I couldn't be around at all today. ::Waves!::

Tomorrow I'm off to Augusta, which is just a bit east of Wichita.

The wind here today was incredible. Up on I-70, according to the news, 13 semi's overturned. The highway patrol said they found one every 10 miles. I don't understand that statistic, but hey, if they say so. . .