Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Dunno why. Just felt like seein' em. I don't remember ever seeing this photo before. Paul looks different, coo coo ka choo.


Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Yeah, is that really Paul? (Maybe it's the walrus.)

Confession: I was the vice-preseident of the midwest chapter of the National Beatles Fan Club, circa 1964. Or 5. Whatever. Sobbing at them on Ed Sullivan. Sobbing. My parents were in despair for my emotional well-being. And decision-making.

(Years and years later, my Mom confessed to me she had skipped school to go see Frank Sinatra, so that actually, she had understood.)

And now, don't we all know all the lyrics?

AndiF said...

So today we're following up my first records with our first concert?

The Beatles in the Indianapolis Coliseum on September 3, 1964. Terrible acoustics, idiots screaming all around me, way far away from the stage ... making it my first and worst concert.

And hah! You can find anything on youtube. The Beatles -- Indianapolis 9/3/64!.

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

It was Sgt. Pepper when I really decided I liked the Beatles. Course I wasn't so impressed with Sean Connery as 007. Time and maturity does change ones views.
When I'm 64 has way more meaning to me these days.

Maria, hope yesterday was a better day for you.

I was in bed by 7:30 and asleep before 8:00 last night. Way behind at work but what else is new.
SPRING BREAK this next week.

Andi, iced pictures fit since it's a wind chill of 35 here this morning. We're expecting rain for a few days. Hope they aren't just taunting us.
I'll finish downloading pictures from trip and hope I have a few goodies to share.

Waves to Beth, Farf, Nicky, KB and all those to come and have been.
Hank Phillippi Ryan is very long but not sure how to shorten that one.

Wonderful Weds. to All.

AndiF said...

Welcome back, Lisa! It's nice to have your company for breakfast again. :)

Can't wait to see your pics.

Nancy P said...

Morning, Hank, Andi,and all who arrive, and welcome home, Lisa!

I first heard the Beatles when I walked onto my freshman dorm corridor when I returned from Xmas break in brand new 1964. Was their first song over here, "I Want to Hold Your Hand?" I can never remember. What I do vividly remember is hearing this interesting song and these interesting voices coming out of radios or record players all up and down the hallway. Maybe it was really only one radio or rp, but in my flexible memory it has become several. What's THAT? I thought, and I was instantly hooked.

Maria Lima said...

Wow, nice pic! I shall take this into my brain and think on the boys when deep in the weeds @ the mimes today.

First concert: Chicago (the band, not the city), Austin, Texas, spring 1976. Tickets were $10. I was 17. Was living at the lake, so meant a 40 mile drive for us. Adventure!

Horrible seats, almost *behind* the stage, but I didn't care. I was at a concert with friends, including my huge crush.

Perhaps I shall listen to the Fab Four on the iPod today...

off to the mimes

FARfetched said...

Oooo, early on no less. But even then, those guys knew how to work an image, didn't they? (What are they all giving the sidelong glance to?) It helped that they could harmonize really well… that also made CS&N greater than the sum of its performers.

Hank, I thought the walrus was Paul, so I guess the answer is "yes." ;-)

And who among us hasn't heard something like "was Paul McCartney in a band before Wings?"

katiebird said...


I love it when they show that first Ed Sullivan show of theirs on TV. I'm just doing whatever I'm usually doing when the TV is on (half watching, reading, and browsing the blogs) and all of a sudden I'm transported back to my childhood living room and I'm a mass of pure-raw excitement.

I've read a million Beatle biographies.

I'm not saying that I didn't like Sargent Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band. But, I've got to say that I never thought they were quite as cute with mustaches.

Mister remembers a kid in his neighborhood showing up with a Beatles 45 and they were smoking cigarettes in the photo! The boys were in awe.

Janet said...

I was a paid 'babysitter' for BeatleMania overseas. Basically I made sure they didn't break any bones and that they didn't get drunk but still had a good time. Plus they couldn't get sunburned. And yes, they all looked and sounded like the Fab 4. It was great fun but I kid you not, it was hard work. :)

Joe Jackson does an incredible live version of Eleanor Rigby.

Blackbird was the first song I leaned how to play on the guitar.

Had a weird night at the mimes last night. Came out to go home and saw that someone had hit my car. Cops can't do much... especially when it comes to private parking lot hit and runs. So the managers came out to take photos so I could at least report it. It was dark but we noticed that they had even stripped off my bumperstickers and peace sign. So obviously this was personal. Everyone got worried about my safety at that point.

Then I realized... it! wasn't! my! car! The Doofus Award goes to...

Exhaustion: it's what's for dinner. :)

Hank Phillippi Ryan said...


Coliseum, Indpls, 1964.

That is just--amazing.

And Nancy, I had a very very similar expirience. When I heard I Want to Hold Your Hand. I remember the rhythm of it was different from anything I'd ever heard. And I clearly remember the moment. I mean, I can feel the memory--my brain just clicked on that song.

(Janet, that's the funniest story I've ever heard.)

katiebird said...

Hank that's a perfect way of describing it, "And I clearly remember the moment. I mean, I can feel the memory--my brain just clicked on that song."

And every time I hear I Want to Hold Your Hand, it clicks like that again. I think, "Oh, yes"

katiebird said...


It reminds of the time I came home from college and went grocery shopping with my mom. When we came out we got in the car but, she couldn't get the key in the ignition. It just wouldn't fit.

THEN, I looked around and said, "I don't think this is your car"

We had to hustle out of there grabbing groceries as fast as we could!

maryb said...

I don't remember the first Beatles song I heard - they were just always there when I was a little kid. I never went to a Beatles concert.

But I vividly remember where I was when I heard they were breaking up. In my dad's Olive Green Pontiac with my dad and my aunt Kathie (who is 4 years older than me). We were on the way to the train station to pick up my grandparents who were returning from California. The radio was on and for once I had someone with me who would outvote my dad on the radio station. The DJ announced it and then played "Let it Be."

AndiF said...

Hey Hank, what a nice coincidence; other than my friends at the time, you're the first person I've met that was at that concert. I lived over at 40th & New Jersey and went to schools 66, 70, and 84. What part of Indy are you from?

Great story, Janet. I'm glad it had such a happy ending. :)

Afternoon all.

Janet said...

I remember everything about the day when John Lennon was murdered. It was a major turning point in my life.

I was 12. I was in Renton, WA at my aunt's house where most of the family was at for some such or nothing goings on thing. IE another opportunity to eat.

And I heard them mention that John Lennon was killed. I was shocked because I loved the Beatles and Lennon at that time was a favorite.

My Grandpa made a horrible comment about it all that changed my mind about him and their religion.

Imagine and Working Class Hero are two of my cherished Lennon songs.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit (shamefaced) that I've never been a Beatles fan. Growing up overseas, they weren't very popular. We knew they existed, but there was no furor over them - just another British band that we heard was big in the US. Like when Jimmy Carter was elected and we all said "Who?"

First concert...I've been to SO many - one of my favorite pastimes, before tickets got too expensive. Probably in Tokyo at the Budokan in the early 70's: Three Dog Night or the Carpenters...

Home again for a couple of days, and very glad. Going to hurl that traveling wand north/west, to whomever catches it! Two more weeks of chaos, then I swear I'm feeding my car keys to an alligator.

Hope everyone had a great day at the mimes!

Paul Lamb said...

That's not Paul McCartney. It's Billy Shears.

Paul Lamb said...

That's not Paul McCartney. It's Billy Shears.

Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

And when you sing "Billlll leeeee Shears!"

Doesn't your brain instantly go to the next song?

"What would you do if I sang out of tune..."

Isn't that next?

(Beth, there's still time.)

Anonymous said...

Hank, y'all are inspiring me...I must have lived such a depraved childhood!

Maybe there's hope for me yet... :-)

Anonymous said...

Or is that deprived? :-)

Maybe both....

bono said...

Wow, color me amazed at all the people with good memories here. My brain is so fried today, I don't remember a first record (thinking it was The Byrds?) or concert (except the one I went to with an older sister when I was a wee one - Roy Rogers and Dale Evans at the local county fair - is that considered a concert? lol). I do remember the first/only concert I tried/failed to sneak into - Chicago.

Welcome home, Lisa! Looking forward to hearing more of the story re: your trip. You can have some of our rain. We've been under flood warnings.

The Beatles? Ah, yes, I remember it well. I rotated which of them I "liked best" as I grew up, going from Paul, to Ringo, to George to John. I still think John was the most talented. And like Janet, I remember when I first heard John had been shot and died. I called all my friends. Sad night!

Hey, everyone. Have a good evening.

Kelly McCullough said...

First concert? The Police with the Go-God opening for them. The Ghost in the Machine tour, I think.

boran2 said...

Good evening all.

Their heads are different sizes. Ringo comes up, umm, a bit short.

I can't listen to Beatles music anymore, except Abbey Road and the White Album. I've just heard the rest far too many times.