Monday, March 16, 2009

The M & M party continues. . .

What to do with left-over champagne? Mimosas, of course.


Nancy P said...

That's funny looking bacon. Is it Morningstar Farm veggie bacon?

Mary's older!

Maria's closer to starting her next book!

Nicola Slade said...

Happy days everyone. I'll pass on the orange juice thanks, don't like it, but the champagne will go down nicely!

AndiF said...

I'll pass on mimosas and the bacon (watch those food combos, Nancy -- they sound dangerous). I'm more a cereal and bananas breakfast person. Takes no effort.

Which is my segue to the I'm Too Lazy
to Choose Monday Picture Post

Pick [LINK]

Morning all.

Anonymous said...

Can't pick, andi - they're all gorgeous.

It all looks luscious - I'd be willing to skip my cereal just this once...

Off to the Keys this morning. Will check in as I can. Hope everyone has a great Monday!

FARfetched said...

Depending on how much champagne was consumed last night, the mere aroma of sausage & eggs could trigger some rather unpleasant reactions! =8-o Good thing this is all virtual, huh?

FAR Future episode (#77) posted. Clothes on. Cats fed. Coffee brewing. Firebox reloaded, and a knot just went POP in there. Guess I'll be heading to the mimes shortly. I'll snag a virtual mimosa for the road.

Maria Lima said...

Mmmm, brekkie! Lovely sausages and mimosas.

As to starting the next book, yowza, yes! My agent, who is in the throes of negotiating the contract asked me if I could have it done by Sept 1. EEep! I'm negotiating right back with a later date.

I had a brilliantly lazy Sunday and now, it's of to the mimes. Hopeful that the week will be, if not relaxing, handleable.


Dina said...

Happy older to Mary. And good luck on the due date to Maria.

Digging into the breakfast now.

katiebird said...

Ummm, it smells good in here. Oh, no -- I don't need a plate. I'll just nibble off yours. (wicked cackle)

katiebird said...

(loving the photos) Thanks Andi!

bono said...

Happy, happy for the celebratin' girls.

Andif, all three are lovely. I think I like the last one bestest. I like that shade of purple in the water.

Daffodils have sprung up here in anticipation of Spring's arrival on Friday. Convertibles with the top down all over town today and temp was only low 50's. Yeah, I think we're all ready for Spring.

Have a good evening all.

boran2 said...

I hope that there is a mimosa for me!

Good night all!