Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sunday brunch

Please pass the maple syrup. Does anybody ever actually use those other syrups?


Paul Lamb said...

I prefer real maple syrup to those "less real" kinds, and I really can't eat the other flavors. They're too sweet for me.

Anonymous said...

I almost never eat pancakes (sigh), but I do try each syrup on a tiny bite, just to be fair. Normally I use jelly instead of syrup, though - because of the sweet factor.

My bowl of cereal is going to be really depressing this morning, after seeing this picture!

My friend finally arrived, after having to turn around halfway here from Cincinnati because the plane's windshield shattered. Dinner and a quick peek at the beach (high tide, so it wasn't walkable), and a stroll through Old Town. More of the same today. AND it's Selection Sunday - get your brackets ready!

Have a great day, everyone - and hopefully it includes pancakes!

AndiF said...

I don't like any syrups so I'll happily not use the other syrups just as much as I'll happily not use the maple syrup.

Congrats to Maria!!! Bebo has a suggestion for you on how to spend the rest of the weekend. She says to feel free to ignore authorial intent and use your own interpretation about what she's actually suggesting. [LINK]

Morning all.

Jen said...

I had pancakes for dinner the other night, and yes, with maple syrup. YUM. Pancakes always remind me of my late best friend, his fave restaurant ever was the iHoP. :)

Big congrats to Maria on finishing another draft!

Lisa M said...

Pancakes and blueberries--Yum.
I just use pancake syrup. I'm a dipper not a cover it in syrup so mine aren't too sweet.
This group sounds a bit persnickety when it comes to food.
Interesting the different takes.

Off to the Hill Country--Maria, I'll be sending you some Texas thoughts. MAJOR CONGRATS on finding The End. Well deserved rest Bebo style for you.

Andi--I love how you can frame any situation into a dog moment.
Tell Jim to ENJOY Spring Break!!!
Downloaded pictures and will get some organized this next week. Got a good one or two.

Beth--you and friend enjoy the beach.

Jen--breakfast for dinner is one of our favorites!!

Nancy--Thanks for being there with me last week. I will email you this coming week when I get back online.

Waves to All.

Restful Sunday and Great Next Week to All.

FARfetched said...

Morning all! Hm, pancakes. I made some for b'fast yesterday. Syrup is whatever's in the fridge, although we have some "blueberry jam" that never set and makes a great blueberry syrup. I actually prefer the fruit-flavored syrups to maple, especially when there's fruit on/in the pancakes.

Andi, I've seen cats sleeping in more contorted poses in that, but not by much! Nothing like a good sprawl, huh?

From yesterday… I saw Maria hit the finish line, so maybe my unused weekend writing mojo was useful. I did leave a couple of comments, but they got eaten (one at my end, one elsewhere). Feh.

More rain today, which is just fine. If Mrs. Fetched gets her business numbers together, I can get started on the taxes…

AndiF said...

Lisa, it's that the Pack can turn any moment into a dog situation. As Zen Master Sniff (here being all zen with errant Grasshopper) says "It's the sound of one paw scratching". [LINK]

(Oh look, they did it again)

Farf, we've nicknamed (thanks Olviia!) Bebo the Queen of Sprawl (thereby taking that title away from Phoenix).

Hi Jen!

Maria Lima said...

::yawns:: Morning, peeps! I had a bit of a lie in this a.m., woke up at 9. It was brilliant to know that I could do so without guilt. :)

Thanks for the congrats!

MMmm, pancakes! So yummy with real maple syrup from Canada (I have a large bottle of it). Can't stand the fake stuff.

It's an icky grey rainy day here, so I'm spending it watching shows, reading and napping. Sounds like the best thing EVER.

(My agent is already pushing me for an early fall delivery for book 4, which is still in negotiation. I'm taking advantage of this hiatus while I can).

Lovely Sunday to all!

katiebird said...

(It's Mary's birthday)

I love pancakes, and these look great! Thanks, Nancy.

Dina said...

Happy Sunday all. Those pancakes look yummy. Now all we need is some bacon from the Original Pancake House and we are set.

And congratulations to Maria. Can't wait to read it!

Kelly McCullough said...

I'm with Andi, and will skip the maple equally with the other syrups. More of a jelly or jam type myself. That or plain.

bono said...

Those pancakes look totally yummy. Real maple syrup for me, please. There was an interview on local radio show early this AM re: local tours of sugar bush and maple syrup "houses." I've never gone but it sounds interesting. They said there were like 1000 sugar houses in Ohio and 100 locally. Who knew?

Happy Birthday, Maryb.

Wishing Lisa and Jimf wonderful Spring breaks and everyone a relaxing Sunday.

Nancy P said...


boran2 said...

Good lazy afternoon.

I'm happy with maple syrup. We actually had an opportunity to see it being made not too long ago. There's an operating county farm here in town where they demonstrated the method for making it. A small joy of living up north.

I'm too tired and lazy to do much this afternoon, although I did add something to my current painting.

Conda V. Douglas said...

I make my own syrups--molasses and blueberry, but won't eat the store bought stuff!