Monday, March 2, 2009

This old house

Part 2, by Andif

Part 2, by you?


Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed yesterday completely! Or was that today? Safe travels AGAIN, Nancy - I'm happy to turn the traveling wand over to you.

Safe in Englewood, but cold down here. Sis and BIL arrive late tonight. Baseball maybe tomorrow, I don't know the schedule yet. Hope you snowbound folks are hanging in there - what a storm for March! In like a lion, right?

KB, it's great who you find on FB!

Will stop in as I can. Have a great week, everyone!

AndiF said...

Baseball! It must be Spring! :) Except it's 12° here. :(

Hope your library extravaganza is going and will keep going great, Nancy.

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Beth, there's a traveling wand?
No wonder I've been stuck at home all this time.

Andi--Throw another log on the fire. Pat the pups for me.

Terrific Tuesday for all.

FARfetched said...

Lisa, didn't you know that Beth is the Traveling Fairy? Otherwise known as Ganesh (in India) or St. Christopher… in her Beth incarnation, she favors writers on tour. grin/duck/run

Andi, it's not a whole lot warmer here. But it's supposed to warm up rapidly.

Lisa, I think Mrs. Fetched had a big ol' stack of firewood delivered yesterday… it will definitely get us through the next few days, and probably as much of March as we'll need it for.

Off to the mimes.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, peeps and brrrrrrr!!

All of 15F here and soon I must go dig my car out so I can off to the mimes. Roads clear, so no excuses. :(

Here's hoping this week will be better than last.

Terrific Travels to Nancy and best of Tuesday to you all.

Kelly McCullough said...

Sticks head in. Sees hand-off of travel wand. Hides till wand has definitively left the room. Grabs a couple of donuts and a cup of tea and patters back to the corner where he is wrestling the book to a close.

Anonymous said...

Ganesh here, the god of...many arms. :-) And one of my personal favorites, btw. I'd be honored to be an incarnation...

No baseball til Thursday, but dinner with the fam tonight. I will raise an adult beverage to distant (freezing) friends.

Pulls wand out of sleeve and throws it at Kelly in the corner, ducks when it bounces off force-field. Smiles when it lands in Lisa's outstretched hands, who packs it in her California-bound suitcase.

boran2 said...

Beth, are you in NJ? Yep, us eastcoasters got a nice shot of winter.

Happy travels, Nancy.

So, what happened to Janey '48? Could be the subject of a mystery novel. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Nope, boran, Florida. Born in NJ, though! My sis flew down from Boston late last night, but made it thru the storm. Crazy winter y'all are having. Hope it ends soon!