Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cafe au art

And tea for those who prefer it.


Nancy P said...

I had a wisdom tooth pulled today, and so I am taking my (not very, but somewhat) sore jaw to bed. See you here at the coffee & tea cafe on Wednesday.

Paul Lamb said...

Tea for me!

I've had four wisdom teeth "liberated" through the years. Somehow one copes.

AndiF said...

This must be dental work week. I had some done yesterday as well and FM is going for his torture on Thursday. But wisdom teeth as far as I'm concerned pretty much trump anything other misery a dentist can perform. Two of mine were impacted and sideways. A few decades later I can still remember the sound of the dentist breaking them into pieces to get them out. Hope you feel better today, Nancy.

BTW, Jim says that today is March 32nd so you can just forget the April Fool's jokes (teachers! such spoilsports).

Morning all

Lisa M said...

Holds jaw and grimaces in sympathy. Andi-- I can feel and hear that. I HATE going to the dentist. I can hear the high pitch frequencies of the tools that most people can't and it really grates on nerves.

So focus on BEAUTIFUL cafe au lait--Yum.

Had a great dinner with a friend. So start the day feeling good.

My brother got married on April Fools Day. Not a great decision--now divorced.

I'm with Jim--practical joke pooper.

Supposed to be almost 80 here today. So hope Spring is popping out all over.

Wonderful Weds. to All.

Jen said...

Sympathies on the dental work, Nancy. I hate extractions even more than root canals and was thrilled to learn I was born with only 2 wisdom teeth. [Insert your own Dumb Jen joke here, a lot of people seem to enjoy "half-wit" as a jumping off point whenever I mention this bit of personal trivia.]

Maria Lima said...

Morning, peeps! Happy March 32!

::hugs AND drugs to Ms. Nancy for the post-wisdom teeth recovery::

The only thing I like about April Fool's are the somewhat amusing fake stories out on the Web. Beyond that, no thanks.

Off to the mimes WAY early, for another fun filled 'OMG WE'RE LAUNCHING' all day meeting w/client. After which, I'm headed to my buddy's to spend the night so we can get an early start on the Boston trip.

I will have Internets, so I'm sure I'll be online sporadically...and by that I mean, yeah, I'm a geek. ;-)

Happy hump day to all!

Anonymous said...

Dental sympathies to all - my skin crawls just thinking about it all. One of the joys of taking care of yourself, huh?

Back home, and watching the rain fall (yay!). Except for the flood watch. Dealing with too many frustrations this week - feeling powerless and trapped. Trying to step back and find a different way to look at it.

Maybe I'll treat myself to one of those beautiful lattes!

Good luck at the mimes today, all. And hope you survive March 32nd and the folks who think playing tricks on people is funny.

Dina said...

Hi, all. Sneaking in for tea and trying to avoid the dental curse.

Sympathies to those who got hit.

FARfetched said...

Ick, dental work. Been there, done that, don't like dentists.

Maybe I'll go get another cup of coffee.

Kelly McCullough said...

Tea for me too. Sympathies on the wisdom teeth. I had four that were impacted, two badly enough to require an oral surgeon and putting me under. Afterward, the long time veteran assistant told me that mine was the worst extraction she'd ever seen. Go me?

Jen, maybe it means that the forces of the universe knew that you had so much native wisdom that you only needed half as much in tooth form.

April fools, bleah.

And a happy halloooo to all.

maryb said...

Hope you're feeling ok today Nancy. I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed when I was 20. At the oral surgeon. They put me under with that stuff that's supposed to be a truth serum. Fortunately I was too young to have many secrets :)

I remember they told me NOT to drink through a straw during the healing time, but that's about all I remember.

You should pamper yourself today. You deserve it!

Conda V. Douglas said...

Just the one tooth, Nancy? I did that, one tooth, years ago, thinking it'd be easier than four--nope. Heal up quick!

Right now, I don't care if it's coffee or tea, as long as it's caffeine--taught a new morning class yesterday and still recovering.

Lisa M said...

Truth Serum Secrets--Heck MaryB I'm far from 20 and any secrets I got would put you to sleep.
I need to get out more and lead the wild life.

Family Man said...

Nancy sorry to hear about your wisdom tooth. I had mine out years ago, but unfortunately I developed a dry socket with one. Now that was horrible.

I'm having a number of extractions done tomorrow and the dentist asked did I want an IV to relax me or Nitrous to make me not care. I told him I would prefer both, but he needed to have something heavy duty for backup just in case. What gets me also, is after they're through they tell you that your gums/mouth/etc. might be a little sensitive. I always feel like say, "Put you hand on the table and let me hit it with a hammer. Now is that sensitive!?"

Hope you get to feeling better Nancy and hello to all.

bono said...

(puts hands over ears and sings la-la-la) Dentists = :-/

So nice to be home while it's still light outside. Today, the crocus, daffodil and hyacinthine are all in bloom. Loverly. I wish Spring would last for a long time. I love Spring.

Nancy, the sculptures at the Cleveland Public Library Reading Garden are like cartoon characters. They remind me of maybe Monopoly guy? Something. There are several of them in different poses around the garden. It's a very amusing scene. If you come to Cleveland, I'll take you to see it before or after the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (where I think something big is happening this week? Maybe an induction ceremony? lol).

Waves to everyone.

maryb said...

btw - this is the start of National Poetry Month. Hint, hint ...

Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow, Fam! And don't forget your hammer...but I'd whack him AFTER he finished the work!

boran2 said...

Drive by good evening all.

Good luck FM!

Nancy P said...

Omg, family man. " a number of extractions?? "
Good luck, that's all I can say, except, youch.

Off to start tomorrow's post.