Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cafe au lait

Croissants coming right up.


Lisa M said...

Yum--Thinking Cafe Du Monde--Cafe au lait and Beignets--New Orleans

St. Paddy's Day not such a wild celebration here. Green beer--still haven't had any.

Just got pictures from Sonboy in wetsuit beside surfboard in California. Says surfing is the hardest thing he's ever tried. Been camping out at a state park on the coast north of San Diego. Very pretty girls, the beach, laid back life--ah Spring Break at 20.

Day of editing for me. Finished with the traveling wand.

Morning to Andi and Maria and Farf and all to come.

Bono--my life is a story. Just not that exciting most of the time.

Wonderful Weds to All.

AndiF said...

Morning Lisa. It's very Texas here today -- high of 70, no rain in sight. But no surfing sons in sight either. :)

And it's looking a little more like spring too. [LINK] w00t!

bono, if you give me you email address (or have Nancy email it to me), I'll send you a high res version of that picture. ::doesn't wiggle eyebrows, too early for exercise::

Morning all.

GhostFolk.com said...

Too bad we writers can no longer get patrons as one did in the Renaissance.

Maria, marry carefully. :)

GhostFolk.com said...

Very busy here, sorry to have been an actual ghost on Nancy's wonderful blog.

Long shot travel: thought I'd leave a note to ask if anyone might possibly be going to the MidSouthCon this weekend in/near Memphis?

If so, say hi?

Maria Lima said...

Morning, peeps! Expecting more springish grey today, but hopefully no rain, as I'm off to drop my car at the shop for 15K checkup, then walk to the office. (it's not far)

Catch you all later!

katiebird said...

How is it some week disintegrate almost before they start? I was going to see Nancy at 2 libraries this week and instead -- none.


Oh, well -- it's good to see everyone. And the breakfast looks perfect!

Dina said...

Happy Wednesday all. That cafe au lait looks so good even if I don't drink coffee.

I'll settle for watching others in New Orleans.

Enjoying the weather here.

Anonymous said...

Being a latte junkie, you know that looks luscious to me. I might have to walk next door to Starbucks and grab one!

No green beer here, either, although a large percentage of the folks on Duval Street last night had my beer and Lisa's and Nancy's and Ghosts and...... No better place for people-watching than Key West....lots of drunk kids, unfortunately.

Spring showers outside, so I'm in the lobby waiting for Mr. Sun to reappear. Hope everyone's day is productive and peaceful.

bono said...

Thank you for that picture, Nancy. I love cafe au lait and haven't had one in years - literally. Think I'll stop for one before this week is out. Life is just too busy if you forget to put cafe au lait on your list.

I had green beer once while in college. :-p But, I don't care for beer anyway. I'm probably the wrong person to ask about it.

Lisa, thanks be that our lives are not THAT exciting all the time. lol Can you imagine.

Thanks, Andif! Oh, and your daffs are further along than mine. But, I just noticed today that the croci (is that the plural for crocus?) are blooming. :-)

Hey, everyone. Have a good evening.

boran2 said...

Mmmm. Looks good to me, especially after the day I've had.

Wishing everyone a good evening. I'm off to paint a bit.