Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Photo by Andif


Nancy P said...

Bye, Lisa! Take Kelly's advice most of all, and have fun!

Do you know that I didn't know until these trips that Kansas has two time zones? I'd wager most Kansans don't know that the far western edge is in mountain time, and that's where I am now. The people here tell me it drives them crazy, because they go to a lot of nearby towns for stuff and may have church on Sunday in mountain time and a doctor's appt. on Monday in central time.

I have to be about 70 miles east of here tomorrow at 10 a.m. cst. I'm so confused. :)

AndiF said...

Indiana has two time zones too (the northwest and southwest corners are Central). But the best one is Arizona where only the Navajo reservation is on daylight savings time. You have to know where the boundaries of the rez are to know what time it is.

Safe journey, Lisa, and have a great time!

Morning all.

Jen said...

Have a great trip, Lisa!

Nancy, don't forget that the spring forward time changes this weekend, so, have fun with that. ;)

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all! Wishing Lisa a safe journey and successful trip.

Interesting about the time zones. I've always loved that Newfoundland is a 1/2 hour time zone - so at 7:30 a.m. here, it's 8:00 a.m. there.

I'm off to the mimes in a bit. I've got a client coming in and am going to have to tell him his project is delayed because of some bugs we found yesterday. This is not going to be a pleasant conversation. :(

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

::crosses own fingers::

Catch you all later.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads-up re this weekend, Jen - I had no idea! Idaho has two time zones, north half and south half, but no one seems to know except us.

Landed in Newfoundland after a hellacious flight from Greece, and was befuddled when I saw their clocks were 1/2 hour off what I expected. Thought I'd landed in a "Twilight Zone" episode!

I'm in the Sunny Time Zone today - weather is finally improving, just in time for our first baseball game.

Sending Lisa and Nancy lots of "have fun" vibes, and Maria lots of "good luck" ones. And just positive ones in general to everyone else.

FARfetched said...

Sunrise? Eh. Too early. flops back into bed for a couple of hours

Working at home today, yay! Have a good time, Lisa!

Planet Georgia has two time zones as well. Metro Atlanta is in Eastern time. The rest of the planet is in 1954. :-P

Ack! Jen, is this weekend really spring forward??? Off to work in the dark, some light coming home… oh, OK, I'll take it.

Andi, cellphones are pretty smart about knowing what time zone they're in. Mrs. Fetched likes to watch the phone change its clock as we cross time zones. So if you're in Arizona, you can figure out whether you've gone off the reservation by looking at your phone. ;-)

Maria, bugs are a part of life. There was a good deal of snarling last week when we 'had' to ship a product, bugs and all.

Jen said...

Heh, the staff at my dentist's office told me about the time thing else I'd be running off-clock for the next three weeks, and I see I'm not alone. ;) Glad I could help.

The funniest time change story I've ever witnessed involves a houseguest with good intentions resetting a friend's alarm clock twice in two days while saying nothing and while the friend also reset the same alarm clock twice in the same two days. This of course caused the typically mild-mannered friend to be first one hour early, and then one hour late to work, and nearly caused her to beat the living crap out of said houseguest.

Kelly McCullough said...

Slogging now, back later. Have a good day everyone.

bono said...

Hey, Lisa, how was the flight? Nice hotel room? Have fun while you're in sunny California. Any time for whale watching?

Interesting info re: time zones here. I wonder who decides where the cutoff points are for time zones and based on what criteria?

Hope your team wins the game, Beth. lol, Farf re: 1954 time zone.

Enjoying the warmer weather here. Trying to find a time for brother dear to take me out for dinner. Hmmm, I wonder what he has in mind. Probably just a reminder that HIS birthday is next month and what he has on his wish list. He's pretty proactive. lol

Waves to everyone.

Nancy P said...

Bono, is it your bday? We'll celebrate tomorrow, if so. Maybe we'll combine yours and Beths'. Who else have I missed??

I'm in my fourth library of the day, waiting for pizza. I've had the best day--I love these libraries and the people who come to them. Right now, I'm a little road weary--it's red-fire-alert dry out here and the wind is blowing like crazy, so all the dust and dirt is whirling--but it's nothing that pizza can't cure.

boran2 said...

Have a good trip, Lisa.

Happy travels, Nancy.

I'm always confused about times zones when we travel out west to our haunts in Arizona and Utah. Here in NY it's just one.

60s by Sunday. Woohoo! Spring is coming.

bono said...

No, not my b-day. I'm thinking my brother wants to talk about HIS b-day which is coming in a few weeks. lol Hope your pizza was delish!

No word from our friend on her adventure in CA? It's still early out there though. Hi, Lisa.

G'nite, everyone.

Lisa M said...

Got to airport this morning after looking up gate before bed at Midnight(way late for keyed up me).
Wrong terminal and gate--they change those all the time one lady tells me. So I got to ride the airport tram from Dang to Ahh.
Flight delayed about an hour because of equipment problem. I'm thinking it's good to fix things BEFORE taking off.
So missed connecting flight and got to spend interesting time in really old American Eagle terminal at LAX. Power went off at one point. On the shuttle ride over you get to pass the honey wagons and REALLY big planes taxiing to take off.
Went to beach after checking in to hotel. Very nice room. No roommate yet, she must come tomorrow. LOVED the pounding of the surf and smell of the ocean.
Then a nice dinner and a glass of wine to end the day. Beautiful area. Did do some editing and more reading of Would-Be Witch. Woohoo Kimber.

You guys made me cry you were so nice. Cyber friends be WONDERFUL. Tomorrow starts the read deal. Will keep ya posted.

Kelly McCullough said...

Glad to hear you got in all right Lisa. Have a great time. Learn, play, enjoy.