Monday, March 30, 2009

Ripple and Cross

Two water views, by Andif


Nancy P said...

Somebody around here has a heck of a good eye for interesting detail.

maryb said...

ok writers, I just watched Castle (luv Nathan Fillion) and he managed to finish a book, get it through edit, pick cover art, get it published and have a book launch/reading party at a fancy upscale bookstore - all in four episodes. You guys need to pick up the pace.

This show is so much better than those unrealistic law shows. :)

Family Man said...

Hi Nancy

An eye for detail is certainly not me. Most of the time I can't see what's in front of me even if it a half a foot away.

Are ya'll still getting snow up there? We've been sticking in the 70F (high)/50F (low) range here. It's nice to see Spring here, but I do hate those severe thunderstorms it brings with it.

I've been doing fine here, and I hope everyone here has been doing good.

Take care


Nancy P said...

lol, Mary.

Hi, Family Man. It is really great to see you 'round the old blog.

Family Man said...

Hiya Mary,

I've only been able to catch one episode of Castle. I need to get caught up on it. I haven't checked, but is it at hulu?

BTW the way Nancy, our library got some of your older books in, and I picked up Twilight. I just started it, but what caught my eye was your picture on the back. When I saw it, I was thinking, "Now doesn't she look like a starlet." :)

Mary I agree about picking up the pace. If they can do it in four episodes on TV, then I figure Nancy should be cranking out a book a week. :O

Lisa M said...

Cool, clear, Water--Love those pics-Andi

MaryB--I like Castle. He is hot and she is very cute. They have great chemistry. But what I really like is his daughter and his relationship with her.
I'm thinking his power to get an in with the police is every bit a real as the speed that he gets out books. Suspend belief and enjoy I say.

Waves to FM.

Maria hope the Mimes and headache aren't so crushing for the rest of the SHORTENED week for you.

Terrific Tuesday to All.

AndiF said...

Hey, hey FM! So good to see you. And speaking of water photos, don't you owe me some pond pictures? ;)

Don't watch Castle but I've been watching Saving Grace (love Holly Hunter) and I think it's got the realism in tv crime shows award all nailed down -- don't all cops have angels who bedevil them?

Happy early hump day, Maria.

Morning all.

Anonymous said...

Morning, all! And a special wave to Fam - sorry about the storms. Could you send some my way?

I do admit to watching 'House' when I need to totally unwind, and there's no football/baseball/basketball on TV. I like seeing how far the writers will push him to be a jerk, yet have the audience still like him. Otherwise I'm afraid I'm clueless re all things television.

Driving home today - 8-9 hours. Hope everyone has a productive day!

Jen said...

You guys need to pick up the pace.

That was a pretty daring joke at this blog, you could very well have gotten a shoe thrown at your head. ;p


Fabulous pix, Andi. I always love water imagery, but both of those look alive in their own right, sorta like mythological creek creatures.

Maria Lima said...

Reflections and ripples - sounds like my day so far. Staffer didn't move a site last night (b/c of a dumb decision) so now I'm twiddling my thumbs, as is my client...sighs. They are determined to make these 3 days seem like 8.

Of the good, seems like Publisher's Marketplace picked up on the sale of Book 4, so it's now official. :)

MaryB - I gave up on Castle halfway through the first ep - I adore Nate Fillion, but even my suspension of disbelief isn't enough to handle the wrong. Perhaps, when I'm able to step back and pretend that a writer's life is all rock star fame, I can watch. ::g::

@ the mimes, taking a breather but must now dive back in...

Dina said...

Hi, all. Andi, your pictures continue to amaze me!

Meanwhile, I will sit back and wait for you authors to get the book out in four weeks (or five weeks if there is a repeat on).

Nancy P said...

I love Nathan Fillion, too, but couldn't even get past the previews.

maryb, lol.

FM, I hope you like it. It's the very last book in that series, so maybe you should start reading from the last page? :D

Waves to Lisa!

Andi, Saving Grace is my fav tv show. Holly Hunter is so incredibly brave, as an actress, in it, don't you think? She lays it all out there, figuratively and really. Did I tell you I met the angel and also her cutie-pie cop boyfriend? The actor playing the angel was utterly charing and down to earth, just as on the show. The actor playing her boyfriend kissed me beside my right eye. Right eye was jealous of temple.

What? I already told you five times?
And your point is?

Nancy P said...

"charming," not "charing"

maryb said...

FM - so nice to see you around the tubes today. Yes, Castle is at Hulu. But first you need to catch up on Dollhouse.

Lisa - I really like the father/daughter relationship too. The kid that plays his daughter is great. So far I haven't been wild about his mother.

Jen - sometimes I like to live daring :) Actually I get tired of explaining to people why I can't watch law shows very often because they are so full of ridiculous errors. I figured I'd let the writers complain to me about how writers are portrayed. I'm performing a public service.

Maria - writers don't live rock star lives? I'm shocked. ;)

Kelly McCullough said...

Good morning, everybody. Aside from the freezing rain that's well on its way to sleet and then snow, things are lovely here.

Maryb, oh noes, must write faster;-) Actually it's the picking out cover art part of that floors me more than the speed. The latter is at least ostensibly under some measure of author control (not really, but it looks that way). Covers...not so much. That's marketing's job.

FM! Hooray, great to see you around. I was beginning to think there was a snake living under your keyboard and you were waiting for it to die;-)

Andi, water=pretty! Nice shots.

Hugs and hellos for Jen, Maria, Nancy, Lisa, Beth, Dina!

Did I mention that the book is done and off my plate? Because it is! Oh, and three of my readers read it in under 30 hours and liked it. So the consensus so far is no suckage. w00t! Oh, and my mood and my fiction may just be the tiniest bit interrelated.

katiebird said...

Short comment only, shoulder is aching horribly.

{{FM}} so good to see you!

{{Andi}} For some reason, this might be my favorite of your photos. THANK you for sharing it.

{{Nancy}} -- It's true, you are a star.

Hugs to everyone else too. I love you all.

AndiF said...

Nancy -- wait, which boyfriend? She's messed around with both the blond guys. Ah well, as long as she doesn't go after Earl. :)

Thanks all for the compliments on the pics, folks.

So Kelly, happiness is happy readers?

Kelly McCullough said...

Pretty much.

FARfetched said...

Hey all! Got wrapped up in work today... Had to have a manual translated that was never intended for such, so I used an old-skool markup system & formatter. I had to hack the indexing scripts to deal with accented characters, but it went at least as well as could be expected.

FM, good to see you again!

Kelly, good to hear the initial read went well. What, six weeks before book 4 is out? I can live... hands shaking... I can make it....

boran2 said...

Nicely done Andi!

Hi all! I've seen none of those shows.

Glad to see you getting around, FM!

Got our old jalopy Mazda back today, now running well once again. Woohoo!

Good evening all!

bono said...

Great pix!

No snow! :-)

Long day, need beddy-bye. Have a great day tomorrow.