Monday, March 16, 2009


Photo by Andif


Nancy P said...

Geez louise, Andi, that's incredibly gorgeous. It looks as if it should be a book cover. MY book cover, with the title and author's name where the lack is. Jaw droppingly gorgeous.

AndiF said...

Nancy, your copy editor called and said to change "lack" to "lake" ... she hoped. ;)

And thanks so much -- and wouldn't I just love (and be wowed and honored and beside myself with excitement) to be on the cover of one of your books. Too bad the pic doesn't have any lightning in it. :( But hey -- you can give the next book a title that's perfect for that picture! :)

Morning all.

Maria Lima said...

Agreeing with Nancy, brilliantly gorgeous!!

Morning, peeps. Another rainy day. I'm itching to start on a new project (not in the Blood Lines series). I dreamed the whole premise the other night and woke up to write it down. (yay for Google docs). I think, however, I need to jot down some notes on the next Blood Lines book (working title: Long Hot Bloody Summer) before I move forward. There's this damned thing called "the mimes" getting in the way! Too bad we writers can no longer get patrons as one did in the Renaissance. :)

Oh well, off to the mimes shortly! Happy St. Pat's Day and may your Irish have a blast!

FARfetched said...

'Afternoon all!

Bono (from yesterday), I'm on the motorcycle today so I know what you mean by trying to move things along. (Sweater under jacket, balaclava, heated gloves.)

Andi, I was going to ask (also yesterday), what's that on the far shore? I thought it was a canoe, but I can't say for sure.

Nancy, you mean they have trees and water in Kansas? ;-)

Maria, yay for new projects! I'm at a loss (at the moment) for what I'll tackle next after I finish FAR Future. Should be this month though. The mimes do get in the way of writing, even when your mime-job is writing, doesn't it?

Lisa M said...

Heck--Cake, Champagne, Breakfast and OJ and I missed it all.

Happy Bday Mary!!
Still celebrating Maria's THE END!!

I looked both ways as I pulled over and stopped on the two lane county road. I'd never dumped a body before. I lifted the rear door to the SUV. No one coming in front or back. Good. I pulled the tightly twisted trashbag out, recoiling at the smell. Not wanting to ruin the ecosystem I turned the bag over and merely dumped the body out. I'd find a trash can for the black bag. I heard a vehicle and looked behind me. Sure enough a pickup came over the rise. Dang it. Hope they don't stop and ask if I'm having trouble. I wadded up the bag and waved to the pickup as it passed.
Threw the bag in, slammed the door shut and took off. Not even seeing Pepe le Pu in the tufts of green grass.

Let me tell you there's nothing like a vacation starter to finding a very dead skunk right in front of the tailer. I didn't even see it right away. Atticus was sniffing at it and I look down and was horrified.
That must have been the critter scratching under the trailer the last two times I was there. David put poison under there. Taps for Pepe. So I go get a shovel and now what do I do. Don't want to throw it over the fence and have something eat it and die. So Pepe got a two night stay in a black bag room and then got to go on a road trip. A short road trip before he was laid out for his last days in the sun.
Why do I feel guilty when I had nothing to do with poor Pepe'd demise?
More fodder for future stories.

Maria, I want to know what you're eating and drinking to have those story dreams.

Andi--Beautiful pics!!! Peaceful.
Love the colors.

Waves to all.

Anonymous said...

Quick wave from Key West. Wish you all were here. Sorry about the skunk - you are much braver than I am, Lisa! Hope you had a good w/e anyway.

Off to watch the sunset - will try to get a picture that's even half as gorgeous as andi's.

Happy St P's Day, all! Lots of crazies in the streets here, all in green. I'm sure as the green beer imbibing continues tonight, we'll need the ear plugs they provide in the hotel room....(we're right on Duval)

AndiF said...

Farf, it's the skeleton of an old "bridge" that let you walk over a marshy spot.

Lisa, congrats on the successful body dumping and (I hope) smell-avoidance.

Evening all.

boran2 said...

That is a beautiful shot, Andi. Good luck with the next one, Maria. Happy St.Patrick's day to all.

FARfetched said...

Good one, Lisa! Hope it didn't stank up your SUV.

Andi, thanks for the info. I was wondering what the heck it was.

Beth, would you believe I had my first green beer — ever — tonight? Hope your sunset was gorgeous and you don't have people keeping you up all night…

bono said...

Yes, that pic would make a great book cover or decoration for my wall. (wiggles eyebrows)

Hope you didn't freeze on the bike today, Farf. It was much warmer here - 60's! :-D And yes, like Beth, crazy people in green all over. I won't even tell what the worst t-shirt said. naughty, naughty.

Welcome back, Lisa. I thought that was the start of a new story there. You had me going.

May the sun always shine on your windowpane;
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain;
May the hand of a friend always be near you;
May your heart be filled with gladness to cheer you.

I'm thankful for the friends at Chez Nancy. Happy St. Paddy's Day.

olivia said...

Hi everyone!

Since I've missed the last couple of days, I'm going to leave these comments here so they don't get missed.

Maryb, maryb ... happy birthday ... hope you had a wonderful day and have great things in store for the year to come. :*

Congratulations Maria!

Nancy ... I'm w/ you -- that photo is stunning. And I'm also w/ Andi. Would love to see it on your book cover ... :D