Thursday, March 5, 2009

Not March

Camp Road, by Andif


Nancy P said...

I'm holed up in a truck stop motel by the side of the highway. Nothing to brag about, but it's clean and quiet, and I'm dirty and tired, so that works out pretty well. Talked at a library at 10, another at noon, visited one at 3, talked at another at 7. Had a really good time. How do politicians do it month after month??? Maybe they like hearing themselves talk more than I like hearing myself talk?

That's all I got. 'Night.

boran2 said...

Good night, Nancy. Happy travels!

Kelly McCullough said...

I think that one's pretty much a given for writers vs. politicians, at least in the aggregate. People who mostly like to hear themselves talk don't devote themselves with fanatic intensity to jobs that require them to sit at home alone for large portions of their day.

Speaking of which I knocked off 2,000 more words today. Maybe 12,000 left. A good day tomorrow and I should be able to finish next week. If I can manage it, that will make this book 4 months 1 week from start to finish with almost a month lost to other projects along the way. Alternatively, I can go nose first into the wall. Only time will tell which it is.

Nicola Slade said...

Have fun today, Nancy.
Am doing a rewrite to try and stitch up some holes in the plot but today I'm off to enjoy some retail therapy with a daughter. Yippee!

AndiF said...

Oh Lisa, sorry for you long day of irritating travel (been there, done that too many times) but so glad you are happily ensconced and have a big, gorgeous ocean to enjoy.

Nancy, just reading about what you've doing makes me want to go right back to bed. You're such a mensch.

May you nib always be sharp, Kelly. (Yeah I know but "may your keys never stick" just sounds so blah).

Morning all.

Jen said...

May your [strike]inkwell[/strike] printer toner never run dry.

Or, for Kelly more specifically: May you never take a faceplant tumble off your treadmill while multitasking.


Lisa M said...

Up at four which is late for Texas time. BLISS. Will edit and eat a good breakfast and get ready to soak it all up. Roommate hasn't gotten here yet so enjoying solitude of NO ANIMALS.
Andi--There were several people walking dogs on the beach and one young lady had this tennis ball flinger. Her dog was having the best time running into the edge of the water retrieving that ball. Took plenty of pictures. Great trees and plants. VERY different from my part of the world.

Truckstop Nancy--I marvel at your stamina on this tour. (Mensch?? My Texan is showing.)

Kelly you Rock. Keep on trucking.

Nicky--I LOVE your stitching up holes. That sounds so genteel. I don't think my thrashing in story is ever so neat.
Retail Therapy--Good-I'm spending plenty on this trip but I knew that so planned ahead.

Waves to Maria and Beth and Farf and Jen and others stopping by.
You've already started the Fabulous Friday us on West Coast are anticipating.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all and FABULOUS Friday ahead (I hope!).

I woke up bursting to tell a new story - a new series, even, so before I did anything else, I sat and wrote out 800 words of synopsis. I'm totally insane as I still have to finish Blood Kin, but I dreamt some of this and I HAD to get it down.

I did okay with the writing last night and am closer to the end. :) I plan to spend this weekend holed up and banging out as much as I can.

Best wishes to Lisa on her first day of con.

Way to rock the writing, Kelly! I'm aiming to finish next week, too.

::sends out the writing mojo to all of us writers and general life mojo to everyone else::


FARfetched said...

Up late last night… I had a burst of Kelly/Maria-level productivity, banged out around 2200 words in a couple of hours, felt too good to stop, y'know? I then went back and cut about about 150 words that ruined the suspense. Result? The pivotal episodes to the upcoming sub-series, including The Last Cliffhanger. The final sub-series is after that, and it's half done. I'm really gonna have it all down this month!

Lisa, good to hear you're safely in your hotel. Enjoy some time at the beach before you have to knuckle down… and remember, it's there when you need to unwind.

Nancy, I suppose every profession has the dues-paying part. Writers have to run the rejection gauntlet. Politicians have to do the campaign thing. The Constitution as originally written made long road trips unnecessary: congressional districts were to contain roughly 30,000 people; senators & the prez were chosen by the state legislators and by a body of electors chosen by the people. Only state governors would have to do long trips under that system! [/pedant]

Jen, snort that was pretty funny. Sounds like something I'd do… get so wrapped up in a thought that I'd forget to keep walking.

Off to the mimes… on two wheels, yayyyy! That should cure the evening BP spikes I've been having this week.

Anonymous said...

Glad you finally made it, Lisa - at least you have a story to tell! And more on the way - enjoy the ocean, and all of the writer vibes.

Congrats to all writers getting words on paper (screen?)!

Phew, Nancy, your schedule wears ME out! Good thing you enjoy it, you road warrior, you.

Red Sox lost yesterday, but it's spring training - most of the familiar names are at the beach. :-) Another game today, another fattening dinner, argh. I need KB here to walk with me!

Have a great Friday, everyone, at the mimes or wherever your road takes you.

katiebird said...

(waving good morning

Nancy, I'm overwhelmed by admiration for your energy and spirit. You are amazing.

Beth, You're inspiring me to get out of the house. I should be walking with you.

(thinking about just sitting over here at my sunny table drinking coffee and watching the rest of you slaving away at your keyboards)

Conda V. Douglas said...

Oh my, Nancy...and I suspect you prefer to write your words down instead of speak them? Unlike politicians.

Travel well and safe!

bono said...

Wow, 4 libraries in 9 hours?! Holy Toledo! I hope they were rrreeealllyy close together! You and Lisa are having more life experiences to use in future works! As a reader, I'm loving that!

I'm reading the new Nikki Giovanni book, "Bicycles." I really like her poetry. (you can check out the title poem here:
One of my favorites is "I Am A Mirror" re: being a reflection of those who have had an influence on her life.

"(thinking about just sitting over here at my sunny table drinking coffee and watching the rest of you slaving away at your keyboards)" KB, I am soooo looking forward to reaching that point in my life.

Wishing you good writing this weekend, Kelly, Maria, Farf, Beth, Lisa, Jen, Conda, Nancy, Nicola, and lurkers.

Kelly McCullough said...

3000 words today and done with the primary action of the book. Since it's a series closer I still need to do about 2 chapters of wrap-up/denoumant and pizzazify and increase the protagging ratio of the final two action chapters. The chapter just completed is way ugly at the moment but I should have an honest to FSM rough draft complete by the end of next week before AZ.

Kelly McCullough said...

Jen, love the image, hope I can continue to avoid a demonstration of same.

Everybody else, thanks for well-wishes. This book has really been kicking my ass.

katiebird said...

(eagerly looking around) Pizza?

bono said...

After yesterday's talk re: time zones, I went looking and found this re: establishment of time zones. Congress put railroads in charge of establishing time zones? Huh, I wonder why. "In 1883 the U.S. railroad industry established official time zones with a set standard time within each zone. Congress eventually came on board, signing the railroad time zone system into law in 1918."

No pizza for me, thanks. It was fish fry Friday here. Would anyone care for some lake perch?

maryb said...

Even I, who love libraries, might think that your schedule would be a library overdose.