Thursday, March 26, 2009

Here today

Possibly gone tomorrow, as we are expecting snow.


Nancy P said...

Eep! Come on, Mizzou, finish the game! They've been so far ahead, and now it's a closer with a minute 30 to play. Thank god Memphis looks exhausted. (Sorry, all moms of Memphis players!)

I'm at a b&b in the town of Newton. It's a little two-bedroom apartment, with kitchen. I could live here.

maryb said...


Nancy P said...


maryb said...

That was a nail biter, especially when they made a couple of mistakes at the end. I'm so relieved.

Tomorrow Syracuse plays - that's who I have in a luck of the draw pool at work.

Nancy P said...

I turned on Mute in the final minutes, because I couldn't stand it. Man, that's an NBA score.

I will root for KU tomorrow, 'cause of my son, and I don't mind doing that, but I hate to have to root for Oklahoma.

Anonymous said...

I thought of you as Mizzou stomped Memphis, AND my bracket. Sigh. But why oh why would you want to root for OK??

Two of my teams won, two lost. Tomorrow better be better! Though UNC and Gonzaga are BOTH my teams, so that'll be a tough one.

Looks like crazy weather everywhere. I might drive north tomorrow (or I guess it's later today), since they're calling for tornados, hail and severe thunderstorms all along my route on Saturday. I'll decide when I get up.

Waving to all hoops fans who are dragging themselves to bed - and the rest of you, who will be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the am while we groan.

maryb said...

It will make it doubly good (or nerve wracking, however you look at it) to hope that Syracuse beats Oklahoma. I don't get as worked up about KU as people on the western side of the state (although I'm usually happy when they lose I must admit), but there is just something about OK. Of course if Syracuse loses - it's double bad.

The game is in the middle of the day though I think. So I'll be at work.

Anonymous said...

The SU game is at 7:30 eastern time, maryb, so you should catch most of it - the important parts, anyway!

maryb said...

Oh good. Thanks Beth!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome! Syracuse is going to need all the help they can get - didn't want you missing the game!! :-)

Nancy P said...

I would ONLY root for Ok to support the Big 12, and even then I may have to rethink this.

Jen said...

::wanders in, assesses locker room, waves and grins, wanders out::

AndiF said...

Oh no! Not snow! You are a forecast for us and I don't want any snow, no way, no how, no more! (And yes there is some in the forecast but then in the 60s the next day -- ah spring weather).

Oh basketball ... go Purdue (women)! Beat Rutgers.

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Spring is trying hard to hang on but one more blast of cold coming for us.
Freezing temps expected north towards the Red River and mid 30s here in Big D.
Sonboy surprised me at work after a quick trip in for dentist. Amazing how a mom's heart can soar with just a quick hug.

Go Teams. I'm with you Jen--Quick trip in Waves and retreats on that topic.

Beth--check that weather and travel safe.

Bono--Plan that trip. Never been to the New England coast.

Sleep in Kelly and enjoy the weekend.

Waves to Andi, MaryB, KB, Farf and Maria.

Fabulous Friday to All.

FARfetched said...

Hey y'all! I saw the opening quarter of Memphis and Cal Northside at lunch, in the first round, and Memphis was having trouble putting away that #15 seed. I'm surprised they got to the Sweet 16.

And that's my involvement with the Madness. Oh yeah, Gonzaga. I like the name. I was helping out some kids with taxes… finished The Boy's and two friends of his, holding off on Daughter Dearest's until we can scoop her up some expenses (thinking uncharitable thoughts about employers who abuse the 1099 to avoid paying employment taxes or bennies).

Snow, huh? I heard Denver got whacked pretty good. We got a broadcast email yesterday saying our Denver office was closing "due to inclement weather." Then I heard the freeways were closing with 18" of snow… yipe! Just rain here. Lots of rain. Lowest temp we have in the forecast is 37, but it's leaping to 70 the next day.

Boran, my exerbike is a recumbent too. I'm not sure whether I like that or not, but it was (like so much else) dropped off here. Gonna hop on tonight if I get a chance… then get started on the big ugly hairball that's *our* taxes.

Hope everyone's brackets are straight and strong!

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all! ::waves::

No snow here and the rain's cleared up. Supposed to be a nice day. Hopefully, that will translate into the mimes, too. (I spent another near 12 hr day there yesterday).

I plan to spend the weekend writing, napping and otherwise just being away from people. :)

FRIDAY w00t!!!

Anonymous said...

Morning, all! Have indeed decided to drive today, and try to avoid the worst of the storms tomorow. Home Tuesday night. If you don't hear from me, it's cuz I can't find a signal at my aunt's house - not that I was blowed off the road (hopefully)!

Have a great weekend - go Syracuse! And maybe the UNC/Zags game will end in a tie, and they'll BOTH move on to the elite - nine? :-))

Be safe out there - lots o' crazy weather today - hope you're not getting that snow, Nancy!


Dina said...

Hi, all and happy Friday. So so day here but I'll take it.

bono said...

Noooooo. Please, we've had enough white stuff already this winter. (does a KB foot stomp)

Thanks be! It's the Weekend! :-)
Have a great one everyone!

Nancy P said...

Hi, guys, I'm doing this from a library computer, because the wifi isn't working at my b&b. I just didn't want you to worry if you don't hear from me for a day or so, and you see there's snow and ice where I am. I'm in an ice storm, but safe and snug.

Talk to you Sunday at the latest, but maybe tomorrow soonest.

Blog Mom Nancy

Anonymous said...

Glad you're safe and snug, Nancy! Sorry about the snow, bono - it's just WAY too late in the season for all of this! Then again, we could be in ND....

Made it to NC safely - just a few raindrops. Watching poor Syracuse get stomped...sigh.

Borrowing a signal - if it shows up again, so will I. Otherwise, have a great weekend!

boran2 said...

Hi all. Happy continued travels, Nancy. (And to all the travelers here!)

Far, our tax day is tomorrow. Good luck with yours.

Snow, bono! Ugh. Only rain here, so far.

Happy weekend to all.

maryb said...

Well, KU loses but OK wins. On the whole I would have wished the opposite.

At least I have Mizzou still to follow.

Anonymous said...

Poor Syracuse and Gonzaga. UNC is my only team left. The KU game was the only exciting one all night. More tomorrow!

FARfetched said...

Warm & snug, Nancy? Hoping you stay that way at least until the snow/ice melts!

Trying to decide whether to go to bed or what… this evening has been a CWOT, at least for writing. DoubleRed *did* treat us to dinner, that part wasn't a CWOT. I'm thinking more of Beverly Hills Chihuahua. :-P

Lisa M said...

It's Saturday and hope the big bad weather wolf didn't huff, puff or snow too much in your areas.

Blustery 34 here in Big D. Is supposed to be up to the 50s and today and 70 tomorrow.

Cleaning day here--Bah.
But I will do it happily for hubby. We are having family get together Sunday lunch for his Bday. Daughter coming in today Sonboy tomorrow so will be great to have kids here for a bit.
Hubby cooking ribs.

Will go do some writing now so won't be so grumpy since little will get done this weekend.

Boran and Farf--Admire the exerbike men--keep spinning guys.
I'd like to have a recumbent but don't know that I could wrangle myself to use it effectively. Walking is actually my favorite and do it very well in the summer.

Maria--Have a great Away from People weekend. Recharge those batteries and nap and write and pamper self.

Beth--Enjoy time at aunts.

Andi--Pat the pups and have a great weekend. Tell Jim to rest a bit extra that first week back from Spring Break is a hard one.

Bono--Hope you didn't get snow. Hunker down and cover up and the sun will come out soon.

Waves to Dina, MaryB and those to come today.

Nancy, long trip for you lady. Glad you are snug and safe. What is Nancy reading as she travels?

Sensational Saturday to All.

AndiF said...

Lisa, sounds like you have a great weekend ahead. Enjoy.

Keep safe, Nancy.

Hope everybody else avoids bad weather and the people of North Dakota are able to stay high and dry.

And for no other reason than I want to, some silly dog pictures.

Waiting for Godot ... or Jim [LINK]

Ugh, I think there's a big bug on my head [LINK]

Morning all.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all! 'Tis another grey and rainy day. Rain started last night as I got home after yet another near 12 hour day at the mimes.

My nap/write/rest weekend plans are a bit bust, as I will be working on job stuff at some point today. :(

::is sad::

Nancy, stay snug and warm! Hope you all have wonderful weekends!

FARfetched said...

The Weather Underground site is not loading very quickly, or at all… must be a busy day out there. The SPC is showing the most active areas to be a ways south of us, but we're not out of the danger zone completely. I've got to bolt some breakfast & make a junkyard run before Mrs. Fetched throws me in the chicken houses.

Andi, in that "porch" picture, Giddy's the one on the left? Looks like he's serenading the porch, while Bebo and Sniff are watching to see what happens next!