Monday, March 23, 2009

Map of my world

If you click this photo to enlarge it, you can probably see where I've been in the last two and a half months. Look for the dark red lines. I like this photo (taken by Joan Weaver), because it hides the middle of my body, where all the chicken fried steak has gone.


Lisa M said...

Alright--who threw the Insomnia wand? Hit me right in the head at 2:30, 3:30 and finally pushed me right outa bed at 3:45. I've hidden it under my pillow for now. When it gets light I'm gonna try and get the dogs to bury it in the back yard.

What a fun picture Nancy! I hear Rick Nelson singing in the background--I'm a traveling man.

Guilt free zone Nancy. Savor the chicken fried steak. Why do we wrack ourselves with guilt over the little things? You've been doing plenty of healthy things too Nancy. (or you will be since the weather's nicer and the fruits and veggies will be fresh soon)

Waves to all that come.

Terrific Tuesday All.

AndiF said...

I think that would be "traveling woman", Lisa. :) Sorry about the insomnia but I wouldn't count on any help from the dogs -- once they bury it, they'll spend the rest of the night barking at it.

I love the picture, Nancy. Both you (with or without chicken-steak belly) and the map are quite impressive.

Morning all.

olivia said...

Morning everyone.

LOL Nancy, perfect way to highlight all your travels of late. Love seeing your smile ... :)

Lisa M said...

Andi--Stickler for details.
Woman didn't fit the beat.
Besides I was having a moment remembering those beautiful eyes Rick had--Fools Rush In was really my favorite of his.

Lol--dogs barking at it all night--you are So right.

Nancy, I was noticing how beautiful your hands looked holding that map. Nails pretty painted and all.

katiebird said...

(sniff) I'm missing Nancy and libraries all at once.

Don't lose that photo, Nancy. It's incredible!

(Who stuck the insomnia stick in MY bedroom?)

(waving at Lisa & Andi)

katiebird said...

(AND Olivia!!!)

Maria Lima said...

Morning, peeps! Nancy, that's a heck of a road trip. And so nice to know that I'll get to see you in a bit more than a month. :)

The mimes were horrible yesterday. Let's hope today is better.

::waves at them that's here and them that's to come::

Paul Lamb said...

That's YOU? I thought it was Heidi Klum.

Anonymous said...

Now I KNOW the traveling wand has moved to Kansas permanently - you put me to shame, Nancy! Good advice re the chicken fried steak...way too much guilt in this world. Maybe I'll eat something bad today...

Safe travels - I hear NE had awful winds yesterday - hope KS escaped.

Hoping this bug goes away today. Getting some work done, but I have a couple of road trips to make myself, and I'm not taking this crud with me.

I took Benadryl last night, to avoid the insomnia wand...I guess that's cheating, huh?

Happy Tuesday, everyone - send some good vibes out into the world today!

FARfetched said...

Sorry Lisa, I flung the insomnia wand last night 'cause I needed my sleep! I would have thought of Bob Segar's "Rambin' Gamblin' (wo)Man," given enough time.

Nancy, that's a great pic, even minus the chicken-fried steak gut. ;-) I've got a "not enough walking" gut & a sore toe that's keeping me from doing it. Feh.

Time to hop on the bike & head to the mimes. Mrs. Fetched is taking my car in for a couple new tires.

Kelly McCullough said...

I only had the insomnia wand till about 12:30, so it must have been someplace else between.

Conda V. Douglas said...

Wow--you are one traveling gal, Nancy!

And the Insomnia Wand was spreading its magic here too--power went off at 10 pm, so an alarm beeped for 4 hours until 2--just when I fell asleep--and all the lights came back on!

Nicola Slade said...

Nice photo, Nancy, and a great fashion idea - mobile maps to cover a multitude of sins. Have been away for a week, with some very small people and came home expecting to weigh a ton more, but am actually a pound lighter than when I left. Must be all the running round after little people.

(While we were in the West of England I remembered a couple more words for Lisa M, as she appreciates the oddities. 'Grockle' and 'Emmet', both words mean tourist or holiday-maker, down in the West. No idea how they originated though.)

Anonymous said...

The tape unspooling in my head is Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again." You really have quartered the state like a hound dog hunting a rabbit.

Margaret M. said...

Sorry. I didn't mean to be anonymous!

Lisa M said...

Nicky--I do love those words.

Grockle and Emmet--I'm wanting to write a story with all these words.

Farf--Just a hint. When talking about a lady the term Gut is NOT allowed.

Sally said...

Oh my goodness...I love this photo. And I can't quite believe the voices you've heard, the sights you've seen. What wonderful adventures.

Rainy here. Slightly colder. But the big question is, do people really love chicken fried steak? We never had that in Wisconsin. Is it chicken? Is it steak? i suppose it's fried...

boran2 said...

Wow, you are a rolling stone, Nancy. Happy continued travels.

The insomnia wand has spent much time in my house lately. I hope that it leaves soon. I'm up with interrupted sleep nearly every night.

Nancy P said...

Lisa, you have a lovely optimistic faith in my dietary ambitions. I'll never tell you the truth. :D

Thanks Andi. Sticks out belly with pride.


Lisa, bless you for noticing my rare nail tending. Polish for the win. At least twice a year.

Hugs Katiebird.

Waves back at Maria.

Sticks tongue out at Paul. :p ha!

Beth, winds here were amazing, too.

Aw, Far. Poor toe.

Kelly, sleep tight.

Conda, we must break the insomnia curse. I think I had everybody else's sleep last night. Sorry about that.

Ah, Margaret, Willie Nelson. Today I heard, "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain." So purdy.

Nicky, lol! I think I'll carry a map with me from now on.

Sally! I LOVE chicken fried steak. Or, did, until recently. Too much of a good thing.

Boran, you're usin' the insomnia steak the wrong way. You're supposed to whack yourself over the head with it.

FARfetched said...

Lisa, you gotta get the guy perspective… even with a bald head & a beer gut, you're God's Gift to (gender of choice)!

The mimes inhaled so deeply today, I'm surprised there's still air. I wrote a little bit about it on the blog.

Hey, has anyone else downloaded the entire 6GB of SXSW music from BitTorrent? I'm still working my way through the first part (of three) while seeding it back up.